J.K. Trotter
Senior Reporter, Special Projects

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5:57 PM

Last spring, a producer for Tucker Carlson invited my former colleague Brendan O’Connor onto Fox News to discuss a recent encounter between the Democratic Socialists of America and Milo Yiannopoulos. For a couple of hours, Brendan seemed into doing it, if only to make fun of the host. I decided it was my job, for a Read more

6:09 PM

I think the distinction is the one between saying “CNN didn’t publish his name because CNN demanded and received an apology from him” and saying “CNN didn’t publish his name because he has already apologized without CNN asking for an apology.” Read more

2:33 PM

But after our son was born we found ourselves increasingly pissing money away on Zipcars and rentals to visit out-of-state relatives on weekends. Read more

6:38 PM

This is a very good question. Unfortunately, the fact that the lawsuit is itself sealed makes it difficult to understand what the crux of it is (or why the judge eventually ruled in O’Reilly’s favor). That, of course, is exactly why we’re trying to unseal it.

7:10 PM

Where did I argue that anyone should be fired for voting for a particular candidate?

7:10 PM

There is a profound and important difference between “excis[ing] all of [a candidate’s] supporters from every company, organization and club we belong to” and voluntarily removing yourself from a company, or an organization, or a club—even if that decision is due to political disagreements. Read more

11:32 PM

Which hill would you die on, exactly? The post in question was true, and defensible to the point that Gawker Media obtained a summary judgment against Williams. So the question is, if Univision is unwilling to defend that article, what kind of article is the company willing to defend?

11:29 PM

Chocolate roved around during the interview, beneath the conference table we were sitting at, but not so much as to interfere with anything. At one point Chocolate came up to me (beneath me/) and seemed to ask for attention so I gave a lot of head scratches. And then, after the interview, out on the patio overlooking Read more

10:55 PM

Correction: Gizmodo originally reported that Deadspin’s posts about Mitch Williams concerned his behavior at baseball games sponsored by Little League Baseball. In fact, the tournaments were sponsored by Ripken Baseball. Gizmodo regrets the error.