Tracy Clark-Flory
Senior Staff Writer, Jezebel
Mar 4 2019

Honestly IME adults are the fucking worst. The worst flights I’ve spent have always involved entitled asshole adults being rude and annoying. And adults seem to be the ones that start fights after being asked to stop doing something, I’ve never had a 7 year old curse me out or threaten me for asking them to put their Read more

Mar 4 2019

YES. I was just thinking that I would 100x rather have a crying baby than blaring an Elmo cartoon on your iPad for the whole plane to hear. I just want people to observe the rules of polite society on an airplane. Crying babies aren’t really on the list of things that make for a miserable flight for me.

Oct 16 2018

My sister, who breastfed at least one of her kids to 18 months, said the nice thing about BFing toddlers is they come to you to nurse, no having to schlep to the baby.

Jul 18 2018

“I freaked out a lot of Seattle residents wondering why there was a woman with a camera, binoculars, and some dead animals loitering in front of their house for long periods of time.” The police were called multiple times. Read more

Jul 17 2018

Meh. I’m still for it. I think it’s overall still helping to normalize bf, even though glamourized breastfeeding is still hilarious to me. Read more

Jul 13 2018

Parenthood has had the same effect on me. It does’t matter how shallow or vapid the piece, once there are children in peril or parents powerless to help their children, I am a mess.

Jul 10 2018

I wonder if some it is because so many men are socialized to not express vulnerability, or silliness, or anything other than stone-cold competence/domination. Good sex is a creative process, with the participants curiously trying new things, reacting to the other’s reactions, innovating, sometimes laughing and a Read more

Jun 28 2018

There really needs to be a book about the teenage girl section of the internet circa 95-99. When we had Angelfire and gURLpages and webrings and cliques, and a few rich girls had their own domains and UBBs for us to flock to every day after school. From my experience in that world of fawning rants-and-raves writing Read more

Jun 28 2018

My high school b-friend bore a pretty close resemblance to Leo, who I was also in love with, and his mom was always pointing it out. Now, I lost my virginity to this dude, dated him for 4 years, really loved him a lot actually, but I’d always give her the side-eye at that. Like, he’s great and all lady but calm down- Read more

Jun 28 2018

That’s exactly what I thought too! Encouraging, supportive, and engaged. A good dude.

Jun 28 2018

also. I am not ashamed at all to admit that my boyfriend and i went to prom dressed as Jack and Rose. he was regularly mistaken for Leo at the time, and watching leo die in titanic brought on at least an hours worth of crying.

Jun 28 2018

this is amazing, and was like a time capsule trip into my early teenage years. I collected all those romeo + juliet postcards that you’d get in the magazines and had them all over my wall. i fucking loved that movie, and i was a little older than you.
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