Jul 8

You can skip DP1 (and I’m a fan). But definitely watch Twin Peaks Season 3 (and the movie that came out after season 2).

Jul 6

1) Sony legal is not Naughty Dog.

2) Nothing you posted justifies death threats to creators or actors, does it? 

Jul 6

That’s hyperbolic on the review part, and for the leaks, a majority were of channels posting stolen footage. You really can’t blame them for wanting that taken down, especially how many online twisted and outright lied about the content of the game with incomplete context. 

Jul 6

Those are not the reviewers Sony went after, only those with some recognition, whom I’d bet explained why they did not offer glowing praise in their article. Would not be the first time a publisher (Sony very much included) tried to get a reviewer to change their verdict by “explaining” to them how wrong they are.
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Jul 6

I believe I’ve posted this a couple weeks ago but one of the major reddit groups for this game is a fucking dumpster fire with people who just hate the game for no logical reason. I just finished my 2nd play through this past weekend so I really liked the game obviously and it’s just so mind boggling the shit people Read more

Jul 6

Stan Lee’s a guy that’s difficult not to love even with his flaws.

But he really worked best when he had a talented partner he could collaborate with, be it Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko.

His solo stuff is just missing a lot of the magic. 

Jul 6

As I’ve stated many times before ‘round these parts (and others) I’m always intrigued by what connects with audiences and what doesn’t. Read more

Jul 6

This is my favorite Morricone composition. It starts out quiet, slow, almost melancholy, then blossoms into the full majesty of the main theme. Really amazing and epic and less than three minutes long.

Jul 6

The thing is, after reading all that about how HR is incompetent and too cosy with management to do their job proper, that people use drinking culture as a promoted perk and as the source of gaining promotion, that victims were encouraged to remain silent is that the only thing that sets Ubisoft Toronto apart from Read more

Jul 5

I think they are to bloat the page-click numbers for advertising revenue.... basically the advertiser gets 20 clicks from you vs a single click. Not sure if they have the done the cost benefit analysis of doing this vs losing customers.

Jul 5

Please, please, please. STOP trying to get us to like these slideshows, they are just absolutely terrible. I haven’t seen a single person say they like them. I don’t understand how it got approved in the first place.

Jul 5

Not gonna cry, but I feel sick just looking at this. Put on a robe you guys, Pilsbury has less burnt doughiness.