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Jun 24

Yep, Black America, it’s way past time that We The Black People dealt with this bullshit. Time to call out these motherfuckers who we made into the leaders of the community and hit the re-set button on that major fucking mistake. This can not continue.

May 25

Before everything shut down people told me this was one of the best thrillers they had seen in years. I will now check it out as Moss looks amazing in the clips I have seen. Hodge is proving to be a versatile and talented actor. I mean from MC Ren to Hidden Figures to Undeground everything he is in has been excellent

May 18

I just hope we get a Lester to Clay Davis “deez nutz” smile and one good sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet in there

May 13

Thank you so much for posting this! Really looking forward to watching it!

May 12

It’s a god damn crime that Morgan didn’t get an Oscar nod for his role in The Last Black Man in San Francisco or ANY hype for his role in Just Mercy. I was crying grown ass man tears over Herbert Richardson. I hope the Academy does right by him and nominates him for that role. Then he portrayed that dastardly Sol Read more

May 7

Oh, so sweet! I can imagine the wellspring of pride she has seeing her mother get some sunshine! And I’m an old softie who tears up for certain songs too! Read more

May 1

This isn't Lauren Hill we are talking about, so I'm sure she'll turn up.

Apr 30

I AM EMBARRASSED FOR HIM. You’d think they would study EVERYTHING but alas- we are here. :-/ Ariana Grande... Boy Bye!  

Apr 30

So she tried to push him for a soundbyte, he saw it what it was and didn’t play along like most people which upset her.

Apr 30

Thank you for addressing this ish. I was feeling very frustrated yesterday, kept checking The Root..shouting where is the response to this nonsense. Thank you for fulfilling your civic duty to clap back (sorry Michael) at these shenanigans in a timely manner. And again I say thank you.

Apr 30

So why in the holy fuck did she bring it up SIXTEEN YEARS LATER!!!! Also she worked with a fucking predator who had a button under his desk to lock the door to his office and Denzel not being here for her bullshit made her uncomfortable? Please feel free to show your ass to the nearest exit Karen.

Apr 30

Katie Couric? The Katie Couric? The one that defended Matt Lauer to the ends of the earth even after all the shit came out. That Katie Couric? I mean you stood by a man that had a button under his desk to lock the door to his office but Denzel made you “uncomfortable?” I mean forget 2020 being the year of COVid-19 it Read more

Apr 28

Pretty sure they wager first before the question, so there is some strategy there, based on how confident they are when they see the category.

Apr 28

Funny as hell. I don’t know if this is the Whitest or Blackest thing I’ve heard. What’s next Denzel Washington Carver? Mýa Angelou? The Artist Formerly Known as Prince Hall? LOL!