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Oct 21

I think this was the most favorite post I’ve read so far on Jalopnik, and that’s going back to Doug DeMuro times!

Oct 21

My father was in a wheelchair for the last few years of his battle with ALS. Our family purchased a Ford Econoline with the side wheelchair lift and hand controls. It was terrible to drive but gave him some freedom until he was unable to drive. After he was gone we donated it to the local ALS Association chapter for Read more

Oct 21

Also, the next time you see one in a parking lot leave enough space for the ramp! My friend has been stuck either inside or outside of his vehicle because of some careless people who block the ramp :(

Oct 21

Bravo on the new purchase, the past few years of Honda’s are finally edging out the Siennas in overall quality and styling IMHO (I own a 07 and 11 Sienna.. jury is out on my next van). I feel for you and your wife- the added expense of the conversion is no small thing. Read more

Oct 16

Always a thrill to see an article about the Ridley Scott Superbowl commercial.

Oct 9

Y’all dumped on Dave Ramsey a couple months ago, but man, I think this guy needs a little Dave Ramsey. 

Oct 7

This worked like a charm for me. Told the person “Yes, I drive a 2020 Ferrari SF90 Stradale.”
...stutter stutter stutter...“Do you have any other automobiles in your household?”
...stutter stutter stutter...Click. No calls in 5 days since.

Oct 6

He met the devil at the crossroads during a weird time (devil was between girlfriends) and ended up landing a sick deal.

Sep 17

So I’m the reader that contacted Tom about the deal I received. I’m glad that he decided to write something up about it. This is my second Bolt, I find them to be an excellent value for the money, although I fully acknowledge that they aren’t for everyone. Some of the critiques regarding the interior, seats, etc. Read more