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People arent leasing right now because the manufacturers have completely stopped subventing lease rates and residuals.

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So this is basically Corvette’s version of a 911 Turbo (S). Phenomenal street car, faster in a straight line, but not track oriented. Read more

I hope someone sets this son of a bitch on fire. Read more

Just to let you know.... a few weeks ago I purchased a 2022 Chrysler 300 with all options for $9,000 below sticker... Of course, the dealer wanted to charge me for a bunch of “dealer-add ons” (paint protection, wheel locks, recovery, window tint and maybe more) for about $2,900 but I agreed to $500 for all the Read more

the OG Obi-Wan v Vader from EP IV is probably the most “realistic” of all the scenes as it doesn’t look like a pre-programed set. Read more

If he had to use a saber, I would have been interested to see Yoda do some meditative battle where he sits in a trance-like state and controls the saber. Read more

we really need to include both the Vader scene at the end of Rogue One that for the first time really shows what Vader can do. Read more

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You’re really missing something if you haven’t seen the lightsaber fights in Clone Wars (especially Sidious vs Maul and Savage Opress) and Rebels (especially Obi-Wan vs Maul, and Ahsoha vs Vader).

Some I know may or may not have had to retrofit touchscreen functionality to a brand-new BMW X5 they ordered in November of last year. Read more

For a guy in his 50's, this was the most shocking part to me. Read more

In his defense, he’s not great with nouns either. Read more

Darcy Lewis saves Yule in New Asgard. Read more

According to several Porsche dealer contacts the T will be much harder to get allocation spots for compared to more expensive models like the S, GTS and even GT3. Word on the street is that now that Porsche is “public” they are prioritizing higher-spec (which means higher profit) builds.  So if you do find a dealer Read more

judging by people’s knee jerk reaction from Jeff Bezos telling them not to spend, maybe he’s using reverse psychology. Read more

I agree that he is not wrong, but it feels a bit disingenuous coming from the guy who formerly lead a company that has not one, but TWO “Black Friday” events a year. Read more

I prefer capicola to that stuff.

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Jalopnik is all about good cotomer sevis Read more