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Jul 1

I was driving near a vehicle the other day, from an angle where I couldn’t see a badge. At first I thought it was a Telluride, but it looked a bit off. When I got closer I figured out it was an XT6.
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Jun 26

this might be the singles best piece of advice I’ve ever seen in the comments section of Jalopnik. well done!

Jun 26

First: join the M3 forums and ask for a local to go look at it.  Those guys will know the cars better than any salesman and can tell you exactly what it is.  I have done this many times for MS3s and can give honest feedback that a dealer never will

Jun 26

Thanks for posting this! The funny thing is I meant to say I had a budget of $500! Anyway, I just bought a nice 1988 Ranger for only $460. Which meets just about all of my criteria. It needs a slave cylinder but I should be able to fix that in a day or two. Also, I thought a lot about a minivan or cargo van, but you Read more

Jun 10

He can’t do that, it struggles up the hills with the stickers, if he took them off, it wouldn’t have enough power to even go downhill.

Jun 5

Can I overnight some parts from Germany? I need a ten second car. Asking for family.

Jun 4

So, I can pay for 3 months of one of these cars, or I can own Torch’s Changli free and clear.

May 27

And yet, Dodge does not require people who purchased their cars with the supercharger option to also purchase a subscription to use that option Read more

May 26

My mom bought a mid to high $40s Camaro at zero percent. My uncle (who makes significantly more, granted) bought his X6 with zero down, and that’s a $100k vehicle. Read more

May 18

Current Hertz employee here. Contrary to popular belief these are probably the best taken care of used rentals you can buy. Unless something went really wrong at some point, these aren’t getting into the hands of the weekend traveler who reserved a Yaris, they’re being rented by people who actually are willing to fork Read more