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Jul 23

Also the Zojirushi rice cookers last forever. My wife and I bought one way back when we were dating in college, 16 years later that thing still works perfectly. Sure it was like $100 at the time, but no other appliance has outlasted it.

Jul 22

The prices advertised appear to just be the MSRP, the dealer would provide a quote with whatever sale price they are offering. 

Jul 9

But you can give those people reasonable advice without giving information that is blatantly false.

Jul 1

Word on the street is that Johan attempted a serious overhaul of the dealer experience and the stores felt threatned, so that was one of the reasons they booted him. 

Jul 1

Genesis also suffers from the same problem of good cars, terrible dealers. Which is another blog for another time. :)

Jul 1

But that is the whole point, the oringal AN article cited has direct quotes from Caddy corporate that they believe this is the car that will start to turn things around for them...if the 3 new crossovers couldn’t get the job done, I don’t see a nicer/bigger A3 doing the trick. 

Jun 4

 I explicitly used the “$400/mo  headline” because folks outside of our core readership are more likely to click on that rather than “Nice cars you can get for $21,000"  but I do go to explain how I arrived at that number while keeping a reasonable loan term. 

May 25

If you have a 700+ FICO and your debt/income ratio is good, you would likely qualify for the 0% regardless of down payment on a 25k car or 50k car. Typically your down payment has little to do with your APR nor does the MSRP of the car, it comes down to what programs are being offered and your credit worthiness.

May 14

Wow I got meme'd that's so cool. I guess I am officially an "internet person" now.

May 12

Yes sometimes a dealer will stamp a brand new car as “sold” and move it into the used fleet.

May 8

Serious dealers will go as deep as they can to beat the competition, but they can only go so deep if A) they have additional deaelr cash rebates to do so and/or B) they know by taking a loss on a car now they can make up for it later with unit bonuses.  The letter from reader 1 isn’t some anomoly I’ve spoken with Read more