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Baloon Keepy- Uppy (you know this game if you were either bored as a child and or have kids under 10) Read more

In fairness that could be an oil change indicator Read more

Sure when strikes and weapons are invloved that changes the game completely but I would argue that someone that particpates in this sport would be more prepared for that scenario since they have performed techniques under pressure. Read more

The new TLX is actually an awesome choice Read more

He had a car...I guess he needed more bids.  Read more

Totally agree...and while this seems common sense to Jalop readers keep in mind a lot of my articles on car buying end up reaching an audience beyond the Jaloposphere and are sometimes targeted to consumers that aren’t as savvy.  Read more

Of course...but tax varies big time from state to state  Read more

Some dealers will budge on this stuff...others won’t. It doesn’t hurt to ask.  Read more

But that $40k buyer may be swayed into buying an EV due to the tax break that reduces the net cost verus buying a gas crossover in the low 30k range. The average car goes for about $36k-ish so having the tax credit get EVs closer or below average is smart for the typical buyer.  I agree there needs to be more EVs in Read more

They won't becuase A) most inventory listings are automated and B) they hope to sell you something else. Read more

Fair enough...and you do see that stuff in some of the Crouching Tiger type films. Read more

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Martial arts dork rant incoming....the OG Obi-Wan v Vader from EP IV is probably the most “realistic” of all the scenes as it doesn’t look like a pre-programed set. Obviosly all of these are “coreographed” but that one had the awkward pacing and more direct/simple attacks that you would expect actual sword fighters

My wife got me an exotic car driving experience at New Jersey Motorsports Park.  Granted it was only two laps but to push a Ferrari F430 around track and get it up to 120 on the front straight was really memorable.  Read more

I may be help to help source an EV6 without a markup if interested. Read more

Basically yeah, but they are different trucks. The Taco isn’t just a rebadged Hilux Read more

Hilux not sold in the US market.  Read more

According to several Porsche dealer contacts the T will be much harder to get allocation spots for compared to more expensive models like the S, GTS and even GT3. Word on the street is that now that Porsche is “public” they are prioritizing higher-spec (which means higher profit) builds.  So if you do find a dealer Read more

I’m just speaking generally that some folks get too hung up on spending money, and that isn’t what the holidays should be about.  Read more