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Oct 9

I’m not saying that people would not benefit from Ramsey’s problem with Ramsey is that he makes blanket statements that are not helpful and/or he uses examples and “facts” that are just not true.  You can give people reasonable financial advice that is both helpful and factually correct. 

Oct 2

As a small business owner that deals with customers all over the country, I can’t just ingore calls I don’t know. Furthermore, most of these spammy calls mask the number and use a local area code. 

Sep 1

When I was hired as a freelancer 6 years ago. I had no official training or experience.

Aug 19

I would totally watch a Star Wars Story with Yen's character as the lead.

Aug 7

Sounds like a case for Steve Lehto or someone similar that handles these things in your area. 

Aug 6

I appreciate you wanting more content, but between work and family I am very busy right now. 

Jul 23

Also the Zojirushi rice cookers last forever. My wife and I bought one way back when we were dating in college, 16 years later that thing still works perfectly. Sure it was like $100 at the time, but no other appliance has outlasted it.

Jul 22

The prices advertised appear to just be the MSRP, the dealer would provide a quote with whatever sale price they are offering. 

Jul 9

But you can give those people reasonable advice without giving information that is blatantly false.

Jul 1

Word on the street is that Johan attempted a serious overhaul of the dealer experience and the stores felt threatned, so that was one of the reasons they booted him. 

Jul 1

Genesis also suffers from the same problem of good cars, terrible dealers. Which is another blog for another time. :)