Tom Plunkett
Feb 11 2015

It's good to remember that even a simple product does not necessarily guarantee simplicity in implementation. Read more

Feb 10 2015

...we have to be willing to roll back some of our team's hard work if the features aren't delivering the results that we want. That's really hard to do, especially if we haven't all agreed on what we're trying to accomplish in the first place. Read more

Feb 10 2015

Great point! I think a key here is that working reactively is absolutely a path to complexity. One note, though — my point about comments was not to highlight decisions made at that particular time, but at what has been a consistent pattern. In particular, the "grey" is actually a resurrected practice from a prior Read more

Dec 1 2014

Do you have any sense as to how many total have been converted to date?

Oct 8 2014

It is not an overhaul of the site, simply an improvement of the left rail. As Matt points out, the headline only version was literally unused — a waste! We are simply trying to implement something that is actually used. Read more

Jun 3 2014

Unfortunately, you are incorrect. You may have deanimated GIFs (with a hard G), but you have also deanimated" GIFs, pronounced as it's creator intended. I suggest you leave this unintended fix in place because it resolves an issue with the most commonly used animated format (GIF, pronounced "jif").

Mar 25 2014

Hi! Yes, I do plan to get going once again. I have kind of been lazy in covering several important that have already happened. I will get back on this (and hope to have another person to help).

Mar 6 2014

Is this meant to be a skeptical look at the cynical asshole? I only ask because that hero image...