Tom Ley
Features Editor
Jul 25 2019

I spent a week exploring the passes and trails around Leh 15 years ago - severe terrain to say the least - thanks for the excellent photography and amazing race report.

Jul 10 2019

I’ve designed charts and graphs for sports analytics and these guys’ use of radar plots is extremely sketchy. It is fun to use visualizations to break out of the boring stat table paradigm for data, and a properly designed chart like this *could* be beautiful and descriptive. But you’d need to start by being able to Read more

Jun 27 2019

Sorry fellas, gotta go, I have an Alexander Pope lecture to give at Queens Community College.

May 29 2019

Of all people, you’re surprised that this guy abstains from being a swinger when he encounters another dude in an unfamiliar position?

Apr 26 2019

Honestly, this article makes me really like Carlos Vela. He spent a long time in Europe, played for some big clubs, had some success, and apparently never seemed to really give much of a shit or like it all that much. Now he makes a lot of money, plays relatively low stakes soccer where he’s the best guy on the field Read more

Apr 18 2019

I was not ready for this nostalgia bomb. Grew up 10 miles from there. When I was in high school it was a great place to pay 5 bucks to not watch a game while my friends and I feebly tried to flirt with the girls working the concessions stands. Read more

Feb 20 2019

Mets brass couldn’t sign fast enough once Yahoo! assured them that this was just “the tip of the pyramid” for their new relationship.

Oct 26 2018

The titles for all Mushnick columns should really start with FWD: FWD: FWD:

Aug 7 2018

As a crazy person who is also cub fan, I’ve seen a large percentage of his at bats through his career. So I’ve spent a lot of time this season trying to figure out what exactly is different about him in 2018. What’s helped Baez this year, hilariously, is that he’s swinging MORE. Look at his swing rates in his career,

Jun 25 2018

Um of course he’s not gonna say anything bad about Stalin, the guy’s right there!

May 15 2018

Another rule: all teams that play in the Badlands are called the Browns. Hockey, base ball, whatever. They are the Browns. Browns vs. Browns. Fans are forced to wear brown at the stadium.