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Back in the early 00s I had a manager at my Blockbuster video job who kept a small arsenal in the back of his car and had the personality of Farva in Super Troopers. Eventually he bragged to me that he was totally a cop but that they didn’t have room in the police academy for him to get trained yet. Read more

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I used to have bookmarked after one of the previous redesigns. I’ll have to update it to You would think, since one of the biggest complaints you hear about Facebook is that everyone just wants to see a chronological stream and not some stupid curated / filtered / Read more

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we need the kinks right now.

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This. This isn’t the first time that Gizmodo has changed to these stupid “Emphasis on featured stories,” look.

2:22 PM

A lot of the car looks pretty good but it is so utterly dominated by its hog nose. Give it a nose ring and it is basically Bebop from TMNT

9:44 AM

I don’t quite get the critical rap against Cars (Cars 2, much more understandable). It’s far from Pixar’s best, but there’s nothing really wrong with the film. It hits all the right story, emotional and humor beats without any real weak scenes. The more you think about it, the weirder the philosophical implications of Read more

7:25 PM

Fucking Fakespin. Shit-ass writing like that belongs on Barstool. Can’t expect a bunch of scabs to have any sort of decency or mental wherewithal.
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6:59 PM

Perhaps a small leak of a flammable gas accumulating where it oughtn’t have

8:10 AM

WTF would you do with this and WHY would you want it? This is like marrying the most beautiful woman (or man; I don’t judge) in the world and then never having sex! Read more