Remaining Griot/te Of The Not-Yet-Lost Ark: Barbara Kukla's Not-Even-Close-To-Last Stand

It can be disorienting when the past, present and future collide, particularly in a sacred, public, historically communal space. It requires a special kind of courage, because it’s not just memories that cloud: it’s sights and sounds of people that remind one of sights and sounds of other people—folks long gone but…

Marvel Made a Black Panther Movie Partly Because Reginald Hudlin Put the ‘Black’ in Panther

Editor’s note: This excerpt from Marvel’s Black Panther: A Comicbook Biography, From Stan Lee to Ta-Nehisi Coates (published by Diasporic Africa Press, 2018) talks about the impact black filmmaker Reginald Hudlin had on the character. For the first 32 years of its existence, the Black Panther—created by Marvel Comics