Nov 19 2018

Man, I hate wedding registries. I know they’re helpful for couples with homes to fill with necessities. My friends have generally gotten married at ages where that’s not a factor. If Priyanka Chopra doesn’t own the blender of her dreams yet that’s on her, not her wedding guests. Read more

Nov 9 2018

It’s close: Latrice is the most beloved queen of all time but Manila might be the most well-rounded competitor the show’s ever seen. She can seriously do it all. I’m rooting for both of them. #Latrila

Nov 5 2018

It’s crazy that Lindsay Lohan and Ashlee Simpson bring prestige to this red carpet.

Nov 5 2018

Also worth noting that Toni Collette gained 40 lbs to play Muriel Heslop in one of the greatest romantic comedies of all time. As an Australian, Rebel should remember this! Read more

Oct 16 2018

You mean, wherein she tried to have it both ways? To be Native American enough to shut Trump up and not Native American enough to offend members of the community.

Oct 16 2018

Yes, it’s embarrassing that Elizabeth Warren believed she was Native American and was ultimately incorrect. That I consider really awkward but forgivable and survivable, politically.  Read more