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Apr 17 2014

I'm going to get serious here and say that I love the inner tubes and gifs and all that, but the Internet was my path out of nowheresville and to enlightenment. Heavy stuff, I know. But it has been that thing for many other people, too. Read more

Mar 26 2014

Gondolom egészen addig, amíg egy farmer bele nem állít az ablakába egy traktort, ahogy azt arrafelé szokás.

Mar 8 2014

I've been using IQTELL since April of 2012 and I would put it up against anything out there. I have a spreadsheet with all of the systems, tools, apps, programs, etc. that I have tried for GTD/PM/Accounting and IQTELL has been either at the top of the list near it for almost 2 years. Read more