12:49 AM

Maybe next year at least 1 celeb will wear a Black high-end brand on the red carpet instead of the same three problematic European brands. 

5:40 PM

Black’s creative works never involve making racially insensitive (racist) pieces that target other races, because our desire for true freedom doesn’t involve oppressing others. But let us start viewing others the way they view us and ud start making caricatures of others part of our work, all hell would break loose. Read more

2:24 PM

I agree with the majority of what you are saying but I believe it’s irresponsible for non-Black people to not educate themselves on Black people’s relationship with health and health industries before talking down to us about our disorders. Read more

1:52 PM

Right! It’s clearly a case of “yes, and”. I think people are actually uncomfortable with her actions but taking it out on the author. I just hope her actions aren’t used to invalidate the other womens’ cases. 

1:38 PM

Where does Daniels make an assumption on the validity of her experiences? All I see is him relaying her statements and Kelly’s attorney’s response to them. Read more

2:33 AM

If she had white minions following her there is NOTHING wrong with calling that out, because 1) anti-blackness is often the place brown people try to use to assimilate to whiteness, 2) her minions were in fact white, 3) she should reflect on the fact that a bunch of white people used her behavior to justify their att Read more

5:52 PM

I believe he’s referring to the homophobia, colorism, sexism, and toxic masculinity these platforms perpetuate. You know, like all that white supremacist constructed bullshit these platforms thrive off? Lenard is the one that made it about respectability with that whole “ratchet/righteous” talk. Everyone engages with d Read more

6:23 PM

I am confusion...I’ this alphabetical blackface? They do realize we can tell the difference between white-passing brethren and the pastiest of caucasity right?

10:27 PM

Welp that explains why the app stopped working on my Samsung tablet LAST YEAR! They couldn’t say this to begin with? Now add Windows computers to the list because the app that came w my laptop just started seizing and crashing last week whenever I tried to open it. And going to the site thru Chrome and Explorer (yes, Read more

8:04 AM

Did they even take the time to highlight Black fashion designers??? I guarantee they didn’t, because that would be upending the status quo too much. 

12:51 AM

There was an episode of King of the Hill that had to do with Hank’s beef with (what I’m realizing were) the evangelicals in his neighborhood that tried shut down Halloween. They coerced Bobby thru fear...and snacks LMAO! Most kids are just not going to really know God until they have the range to think deeply about Read more

6:30 PM

This is nothing short of the truth. It’s history repeating itself. The brutalization of Black women and children has never stopped but there definitely and correlation between the reinvigoration of overt white supremacist hate and these stories we’re increasingly seeing. And to make it worse, our own people Read more

10:38 AM

There’s some shit happening in Fort Worth, everywhere really, this is the 2nd story I’m hearing about a white man murdering/attempting to murder a Black woman/ girl. 12 year old Dorika Uwimana was attacked by a random white man last year and he just received a life sentence in September for the attack. She was going Read more

2:15 AM

I read that in his is accent and voice and wooo...I’mma just head out. Lmao.

12:33 AM

Since slavery white people have been trying to impose their own immoral sexual proclivities onto Black people. Women and men alike. We need to continue to call them out on it! Read more