peter ha
Sep 19 2016

we’ll see what happens now that they’ve trimmed the lineup down to three cameras.

May 2 2016

and here I was bummed to have been picked over to ride the pace bike... jeezus fuck that was bad.

Jan 28 2016

why don’t they have slots for armor like ugly bros? that’s been the only thing keeping me from getting a pair. and why won’t anyone make odd sizes!? #bodyissues

Dec 23 2015

and quite possibly the dumbest thing i’ve ever read.

Dec 18 2015

weren’t you supposed to spend all of fall to convince us to like supercross?

Dec 16 2015

the majority of the dirt riding looks like it was over wide-open dirt roads. is this correct? the rocky stuff, was it over large slabs, gravel, or something in between? and was it wet? any mud? sand?

also, why no POV footage?

Dec 14 2015

i’m 90 percent sure i’ll be picking up a WRR this winter. other than the usual off-road farkles i normally install on any bike, like hand guards, a crash plate, chain guide, better pegs, and a brake guard, my cursory search for other WRR farkles didn’t reveal much. i plan to leave any “performance” stuff for last, so Read more

Dec 9 2015

but aren't you remotely intrigued by the idea of not having to fuss with the clutch/shifter when you're on the pegs?

Dec 9 2015

yes, every riding course you can possibly imagine from street to track to dirt to trials!