T.M. Brown
Nov 2 2017

Any claim that this is anything other than retribution for unionizing is horseshit. If it was merely a matter of numbers not adding up - and Ricketts no longer being willing to eat the losses - he’d try to sell the business to someone else and thus recoup some of his losses. Read more

Oct 25 2017

Courier winding up like Hideo Nomo and whipping the package into your TV screen.

Aug 17 2017

The founders were pieces of shit, pretty much without exception, and I have no problem with tearing down every likeness of them ever assembled. But it does not follow that because Confederate statues are coming down, all statues must come down. Even a very small child knows better than that.

Aug 10 2017

I was okay with the racist mascot, their flight to Cobb County, and their fleecing of taxpayers, but this assault on urban planners’ sensibilities is the final straw.

Aug 4 2017

I’m not an economist, but Noll and Szymanski are. (It’s my journalism degree that I got from a vending machine.)

Aug 4 2017

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Neil deMause is one of the best-respected writers in the U.S. on the subject of franchise economics and stadium finance. He’s been covering this subject for decades, in greater detail than just about anyone. His book, Field of Schemes, was on the leading edge of covering the Read more

May 23 2017

Doesn’t seem like such a raw deal to me. In Mark Davis, Las Vegas certainly got bangs for their buck.