T.M. Brown
Nov 14 2018

I went to high school in Ojai and graduated in ‘06. We had a few fires get close to campus but only had to evacuate once in the three years I was there. The school has been evacuated probably a dozen times since then, and the houses closest to campus have gone up in flames. I fully expect the school to be gone in the Read more

Nov 2 2017

The only—and I truly mean only—reason to scrub the archives of a site without notice and deny journalists their clips they desperately need to pursue further work is spite. I understand that Web Archive and Wayback will have cached versions of pages but rest assured that piece of fucking filth Ricketts did this to Read more

Aug 10 2017

As you can probably tell, planners are a pedantic bunch so it’s good to talk about these things in plain terms. Even though their transit system is a mess thanks to a lot of things including its Kool-Aid Man governor, New Jersey’s attempt to foster TOD with their “Transit Village” initiative is a decent example of how Read more

Aug 10 2017

New Urbanism isn’t a bad concept in a vacuum: It encourages community, tries to plan on a human scale, and integrates progressive techniques like transit and pedestrian oriented planning from the get go. What often happens, though, is that these communities begin to take on a lot of the nastier aspects of contemporary Read more

Aug 10 2017

So this is a pretty thin-sliced nuance but Gwinnett did vote to create MARTA in ‘65 but they overwhelmingly voted against the tax increase to fund MARTA a couple years later and have continued to do so every time a resolution is offered. Hope that clears things up slightly, I know it’s a weird—and pedantic—point.

Jul 28 2017

This happened maybe, like, twice but Rafael Furcal used to try and bunt over the charging 3B’s head whenever he caught someone cheating early. The 90 foot double is pretty exciting in a little league sort of way.

May 25 2017

ETA: I meant “overstated” not “understated,” blurgh. Adelson making sure the convention center didn’t get any money was core to his willingness to call in some favors in Carson City.

May 25 2017

The role of the LV Convention Center can’t be understated and Wickersham/Von Natta do an excellent post-mortem of the deal in that ESPN the Mag piece. Whether or not Adelson still had the ability to kill the deal—and it’s not clear he did once SB1 got passed and the bed tax kicked in—would be an interesting piece of Read more

May 24 2017

Before crew practice, my brother and I would go to our local chicken shack and get something called a “Home Run Special” which consisted of a pound of nuggets spread out on the bottom of a styrofoam container, a layer of fries on top of the nuggets, and then four slices of American cheese on top of that. They’d throw Read more

May 11 2017

Oddly enough, Redzepi actually took almost all of his staff from Noma in Copenhagen to Tulum to run the temporary restaurant. They’re in the middle of building out a new restaurant space in Denmark, hence the pop-up, and he’s had a pretty stellar track record of taking care of his people

May 5 2017

How many of you would buy a driverless car (let’s say it costs ~$35k) if it was on the market tomorrow?

Dec 9 2016

Sometime in the 80s my then 8-year-old brother is waiting at baggage claim with my mother at LAX when who else but fucking Superman himself appears on the other side of the conveyor belt with a couple lackeys in tow. My mother bends down to whisper in my brother’s ear “You know that is? That’s Superman, why don’t you Read more

Nov 4 2016

What’s everyone been listening to lately? The new A$AP Mob mixtape is great. *ducks*