The Neurozach, The
Aug 19 2018

This all happened over a decade’s pretty funny, looking back, at how much I’ve changed between 20 and 30.  33-year-old Me would probably tell 21-year-old Me to fuck off.

Aug 18 2018

Can't they just build a ramp in front of his parked car?

Aug 18 2018

Wait, what?!? Severed thumb from a garden gnome?!? Dude battles dragons on stage with a sword and loses a thumb to a garden gnome?

Aug 18 2018

“If any of you have ever participated in an MFA graduate school program, chances are, you know the drill. You have the touchy-feely first day where everyone puts their desks in a circle and introduces themselves. In the creative writing program, that always also means you share your favorite author and and and Read more

Aug 18 2018

That's hilarious to say the least.  Better than the original video, despite a young Anthony Keides (Red Hot chili peppers) being in the vid. Watch the original and when they show the kids being forced to watch tv, with gag ball in mouth, he's the one they zoom in on. Lol

Aug 17 2018

Ronnie James Dio was a (dark) prince of a man. I did event security work in L.A. in the 1980's, and dealt with the man several times and he was unerringly awesome to everyone around him. Read more

Aug 17 2018

Is your friend super-small because, while I love Dio, the dude was tiny

Aug 17 2018

Blyth is a legend. I mean the gorgeous and worthy-of-saving Alfa aside, HE HAS A MANUAL MASERATI GRANSPORT GT COUPE ? That is a freaking unicorn. I’m in Michigan and would love to see these cars in the flesh. Keep up the awesome work Blyth !

Aug 15 2018

Wait, people are upset that this beautiful creation runs and drives!? They’re not purists, they’re fools! This is what Enzo would have wanted.

Aug 14 2018

thanks for making fun stuff! That SCG is breathtaking and this car deserved to be finished. Read more