Gabe Fernandez
Sep 14 2019

as much as I want this to be the joke, I just misread a report. that’s been corrected.

Aug 25 2019

For a tangentially related sports angle, here’s Mark Cuban working at a Dairy Queen in 2002.

Aug 18 2019

Another funny thing about the article is that Aaron Judge seems to be laying the groundwork for a potential “heated gaming moment” excuse Read more

Jul 20 2019

you didn’t miss anything. that was from a copy of an old draft that I apparently missed changing. that’s been fixed.

Jun 30 2019

Sure, the point is that bunching one of the most notorious examples of domestic terrorism in this country with some “fun facts” about the city where a baseball team is located is misguided at best. Emmett Till was a child whose “claim to fame” was his brutal lynching, and it’s a fame that was built on the image of his Read more

May 6 2019

kinja sometimes does this thing where it treats ever video embedded in a blog as the same one. sorry about that. Boban should be there now.

Apr 20 2019

I’m not saying you have to like anyone, but this is why people tend to think of Embiid as a lovable goof.