Monique Judge
News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.
11:05 AM

Monique... That 6th paragraph was a masterpiece! And summed up my antipathy for McCain and Trump. Well done!

11:12 AM

Jim Jordan is being disgustingly smug, and like you said wildly unprofessional. Imagine if a black representative acted and spoke in this instigating ass way. There would be calls for his head to roll. I say all that to say...Jim Jordan is a bitch.

10:13 AM

RECLAIMING MY TIME!! Yes Representative Cummings, cut right through the bullshit “You have made it very clear that you do not want the American people to hear what Mr. Cohen has to say”, straight like that. 

3:59 PM

i had no idea about the history of Bruce’s Beach. i live in hawthorne and go to manhattan beach at times. they really made sure to keep that area very white. 

3:57 PM

Beautiful piece Monique. Weirdly enough I have such a connection with LA. I wasn’t born there but I def lived there in a former life.

4:48 PM

Excellent. I put forth that Fancy Nancy fits another classic R&B song even better - she was once the Speaker, then during the dark times she stepped aside, and in January she was back. She returned to the role she played so well-

2:48 PM

Is it me or should Bow Down by Westside Connection play whenever she walks in the room? To CNN and all the people who keep asking Joe Biden to run, why? If you haven’t noticed strong women push his buttons like nothing else. From Hillary to Nancy they drive his orange ass crazy. There’s a reason he wont step to

4:23 PM

Our police officers are brave and courageous and only act out of fear for public safety. It’s not our fault that black people appear to be a threat to public safety all the time. I mean, did you see this guy. He had a rock! And he was running by a highway. He could have been hit by a car. So we had to shoot him. 28

8:03 PM

Nancy’s points are legendary, and growing, but I’m just talking about this article and giving Ms. Judge some love...she swung for the fences and owned trump in the process.

6:23 PM

I’m not really keeping score but Nancy gotta have more points than that! That flaming ochre coat she wore when she and Chuck got 45 to own the shutdown gotta count for at least 3 💁🏻‍♂️

6:05 PM

Not my best photoshoppery, but I am just gonna leave this here, because my father, the inventor of toaster streudel, would not be too pleased to hear about all this. Nancy for the win!

10:48 PM

Agreed on the exhausting-ness of men except my issue is the exhausting SAMENESS. Under 40s want a stripper/co-signer/mother, Over 40s want a cook/mother/fetish model. Educated, intelligent ones are still Neanderthal emotional illiterates, Unschooled ones are Neanderthal illiterates who admire Rick Ross’ approach to