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2:46 PM

Correct me if I’m wrong, but also isn’t eating on the subway mostly verboten? And the privilege of straight up wasting a box of cereal and a gallon of milk is infuriating. 

5:10 PM

And then they rushed up in these comments streets to prove the point of this accurate article. Them - the ones that hate Black people so much they can’t wait to read The Root articles every dayum day and practice typing their illiterate mediocrity for all to see. Them - the ones that cannot stand the sight of a Black p Read more

5:47 PM

Those cops walked away so they were obviously guilty.

4:20 PM

I wasn’t aware hexadecimal made its way into common vernacular.  6F had me confused for a bit until I saw it meant FFFFFF:  hex for white.  Well played Blerds.

10:40 AM

I tend to agree with you here. He put in work, but was never truly repentant of his actions. It’s like when a CEO says some horribly racist shit, never really apologizes, says how he can SEE if people took it as racist, and then donates something like 500,000 dollars to Black Lives Matter or a similar cause and Read more

10:31 AM

Monique, you are one of my favorite writers here, and I recognize from your writing that you are grieving through this too, but here comes the but. Read more

11:17 AM

She’s not interviewing the accuser, social scientists, or commentators on gender hierarchy in the USA. And by continuing the conversation among his celebrity friends and peers, she doesn’t appear to be looking for new information or advancing the dialogue. Read more

11:06 AM

I think the concern is that it’s the journalists who are driving the narrative, not people on the ground. It’s become abundantly clear that Kobe’s colleagues, family, and friends are not going to discuss or give credence to the allegations of rape. And the vast majority of basketball fans are not asking for additional Read more

4:00 PM

You can tell Megyn didn’t see the film. The movie pretty much lambasted Downey’s character as an actor that got so into his role that he thought that doing that was a good idea. I mean in the last act of the film Downey’s character realizes how fucking dumb he is and wrong he was to demean others with stereotypical Read more

3:49 PM

Megyn, the joke in Tropic Thunder was directed at stupid White assholes wearing Blackface, not at Black people. There’s this thing called context, which happens to be very important. You and Justin Trudeau can take a long walk off a short pier with your White nonsense.

9:14 AM

You can order without pickles. It even has the option to select without pickles prominently displayed on the mobile order version. The pickles are great though as is the sandwich. Not "destroy my personal property" or "get murdered" great, but maybe "wait 15 minutes while I play on my phone" great.

8:02 PM

I worked at a department store when Furby came out and...

I’m sorry, I thought I was ready to talk about this. 

7:53 PM

Onlookers can be heard yelling “Damn!” and “You’re fucking your shit up!” as they watch in disbelief at the lengths this woman went to stave off her hunger pains. Read more