Former Chicago Police Officer Jason Van Dyke, Who Murdered Laquan McDonald, Catches a Beatdown in Federal Prison

To say that the sentence handed down to former Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke for the murder of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald was an insult would be putting it mildly. Van Dyke should have been put under the jail for his hateful crime. Giving him 6 years and 9 months for his crime was a slap in the face for…

Vanessa Tyson Told Colleagues About Her Sexual Assault Allegation Against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax 

The sexual assault allegations Dr. Vanessa Tyson has lodged against Virginia’s Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax have become a hot topic as the situation has devolved into a most unfortunate game of “he said, she said.” In the midst of that, people have stepped forward to confirm that Tyson told them about the allegations.

A Live Translation of Trump's State of the Union Address

Good evening and welcome. Tonight, The Root’s Senior Editor Stephen A. Crockett Jr., Staff Writer Michael Harriot and Staff Writer Monique Judge will be live blogging Donald Trump’s State of the Union address. And by live blogging, we mean providing you with an understandable translation free of Adderall snorts and…