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Aug 12

your photo editors have a gift for choosing the absolute most unflattering stills of people

Aug 12

I certainly think he’s exciting to watch.  But, I completely agree with you.  I think there is always a cloud over NBA season games.  I honestly believe orgs, coaches and players have “winning” enough games to make the playoffs down to a science as well as it’s counterpart, getting into the “lottery.”  So, until he Read more

Aug 12

To some people, I don’t think Dame will be validated until he makes the Finals or wins the championship. Right now, he’s in that James Harden group.

Personally, if you make it to the NBA and last beyond a rookie contract, I respect your game. A LOT. Every achievement in the league after that just further cements your Read more

Aug 10

Nah I know what happened. Roy saw some of Mike’s workout videos and his life flashed before his eyes. Tyson’s over on his ranch sparring with kangaroos devouring whole chickens raw and spitting out the bones like a cartoon. And I don’t blame Roy one bit. That’s a man on death row filing an appeal. Just give him life, Read more

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Aug 5

Black women tried to save this fucking country in 2016, they helped restore some sanity to it in 2018 and damn if they aren’t telling white men and the Karen club that shit will be different in 2020. Post a link to where I can buy a Vote Warnock shirt as well. Well done ladies and thank you.

Aug 5

I absolutely love the fact that this woman is part owner of a franchise that is actively and openly working against her at a personal and professional level... all because she couldn’t keep her fucking mouth shut. Read more

Aug 4

This is basically a scrimmage season for the Pelcs

Aug 4

Maybe he doesn’t deserve more minutes because he didn’t commit to a better offseason regimen. He’s an incredibly talented player but that isn’t enough at this level; he needs to take care of his body so it’ll take care of him. Hire a chef, personal trainer, all that. But he’s young and learning, I’m sure some of the Read more

Aug 4

Echos of Stan Albeck and Jordan. But in this case Williamson’s had a few extra months to get right; you telling me he can’t plan more than 15 minutes?

Jul 30

A few years back, Jordan was running a camp for top high school basketball prospects. One of the kids, OJ Mayo, thought he was the shit. He was the best high school basketball player in the country at the time.

Jul 22

The Congressman said he won’t apologize because, he too, is a person of color:

Jul 13

...I sure will be happy when they arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor. Hey FedEx, Nike, Amazon, Buy N Large, can y’all put the pressure on Louisville, y’all?

Jul 7

I kind of feel bad for the Dak. While I do not pity the cowboys and find their losses at the most ironic and inconvenient of times to be quite humorous. But Jerry is going to make Dak lose weight in their next meeting when he asks “Where is my superbowl?”