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12:19 PM

Love how beautifully succinct this three-part lesson is. Sharing with students in my ESOL classes as a weekly exercise/reminder. Thank you for excellent FREE, easy tools to use in a terribly distressing time.

12:16 PM

Ok, I’ll do that when those cops listen to the prayers of George Floyd (and an entire crowd of onlookers) saying he can’t breath, he’s unconscious, please check his pulse, and calling out for his mother as he was slowly strangled to death.

11:31 AM

Impressive. Even without any games being played, he still found a way to get dunked on.

2:54 PM

Sorry but everyone I have in my top 10 was an impact player from DAY ONE. MJ, Kareem, Magic, Russell, Wilt, Bird, Duncan, Shaq, Bron and Olajuwon were all impact from the moment they joined their teams. Plus Kobe couldn’t drag shit as far as Bron, MJ and yes Hakeem. Respect given to him but we need to be real about Read more

2:44 PM

Not only that, but he said they would sweep. Then they promptly lost 4 in a row. 

1:42 PM

Worse than not putting LeBron in his top 5 was him including Kobe (RIP). I dont think Kobe is top 10.

1:24 PM

He not just a hater. He is incredibly dumb. Last year during the playoffs when the Celtic’s won that first game against the Bucks, his dumb ass proclaimed that it was over and that the Celtics were going to win the series. He was WRONG!

11:40 AM

Blackballed also showed that no matter how “woke” The NBA claimed it was in terms of social issues and how they tried to paint themselves as the league of progress and equality compared to The NFL that it was also bullshit. The NBA and it’s inner circles knew what Donald Sterling was for years and did nothing. Aside Read more

11:43 AM

I knew nothing about this, know nothing about Sammy Watkins, etc. but, I swear, last year, during the season, I actually thought to myself that he seemed different. Good on Sammy Watkins, fight that battle (just lay down when you’re playing the Seahawks :)).

12:16 PM

“I guess at this point all we can do is wait and see what happens, but while Will Smith once famously stated “I Think I Can Beat Mike Tyson,” it’s entirely possible that 31 years later he might finally be able to follow through on that threat.” Read more

5:33 PM

Dont think anyone cares whether Zion got paid or not (he totally did). Just want to break the fake facade of Coach K running some clean program.

Fuck that guy.