Fyre Festival Co-Founder Ja Rule Swears He's Not a Scam Artist, Even Though He Co-Founded a Scam with a Convicted Scam Artist

In the past week, not one but two documentaries surfaced chronicling the rise and fall of one of the greatest scams of all time—2017's ill-fated Fyre Festival. In which thousands of trust fund babies, public figures, and well-to-do music aficionados were promised a luxury music festival but instead received cheese…

Almost 70 Years After Being Falsely Accused of Rape, the Groveland Four Have Finally Been Pardoned 

Throughout the course of American history, justice has proven itself to be a privilege that far too often eludes black people. And while often times this infringement on our humanity is rectified retroactively, it can never replace our dignity or the lives broken or engulfed by a corrupted criminal justice system.