Dr. Dingleberry
Dec 25 2013

So bringing smart to nurburgring is definetly not smart

Dec 22 2013

♫Five-speed... Ishiftfast, five-speed... Ishiftfast.. five-speed... Ishiftfast.. five-speed.. I pull-down from Fourth to Fifth♪ (sung in the tune of Hava Nagila)

That would make sense too, because you really have to be around someone who's a classic sports car enthusiast to be exposed to the Dogleg manual, can't buy it

Dec 11 2013

Looks to be a British licence plate with Charles Wright 1935 font, either private plate or is an 'M' registered car which would make the car registered in between august 1994 and august 1995.

Nov 27 2013

I can only suggest maybe try to condense it a little more - as you say, it was a little long, and some people have short attention spans. But it is interesting to read about vehicles which are very alien to me. The images are fine, I wouldn't worry. Read more

Sep 27 2013

There are only 2 types of iphone users...annoying hipster fanboys and......and.....ahem...there is only one type of iphone user.