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10:00 AM

Thanks for this article.  It reminded me to log in to Comcast’s site to check my usage over the past couple months to see if we need to change some things.  Wait!  What’s this?  Oh look, Comcast doesn’t even show me my usage during April, May, or June.  Once again Comcast working to help their customers.

9:40 AM

Nice photo. I’ve driven over this bridge many times in my California born-and-raised life. Half the car commercials ever made feature this bridge. The other half are filmed on the 4th St. Bridge over the Los Angeles River.

3:19 PM

I have it set to activate my Hey Google shortcut when I double tap.  No more “Hey Siri, Hey Google!”  Pretty slick.  Triple tap is set to play.  Just wish I could do the same to pause.

8:34 PM

Honestly, all I want is Mac Mail to have a SNOOZE function. That’s it. That’s all. It seems to be everywhere else (Gmail, various 3rd party apps, etc..), but not in Mac Mail. Crossing my fingers that it’ll be one of the new functionalities built in.

4:19 PM

I don’t have an answer, but I use iCloud for just this reason. 20,000 photos with no problems but some duplicates. I suggest for future use. Read more

4:50 PM

I wish someone had consulted with me. I have plenty of master/slave alternatives: 😉 Read more

2:25 AM

If I remember correctly, a lot of people think this was the low point in the series. But free is free, I guess.

12:40 PM

Hi everyone, This is Abi who resorted to David’s help to get a solution to this issue. Firstly, thank you to all of you for your responses :). Now, I have already tried some of the options that have been mentioned here. Here’s what I did: Read more

2:45 PM

If I’m watching a content creator that I want to support, I click their Patreon link, because they will have one. Failing that, SuperChat on their streams helps; it isn’t great, because they only get 70%, but it beats any potential CPM rates they could be getting unless they’re at a 5m+ subs level. Read more

2:17 PM

Google releasing a “fix” for this in 3...2...1...

4:25 PM

I would be shocked if even half of the protesters remembered (or was even alive when it was required) how to text on a 10 key.

10:46 AM

From a blind guy that uses twitter, thank you for promoting this. We want to know what is in your pictures, too, especially if they are alined with our interests.

12:20 PM

Keep your phone at home and on. If they try and match an individual presence to an action, protest, charge, a Stingray means just being there could make you a target or person of interest. If they illegally acquire this information, i.e. with tools they should not have access to or inappropriate clearance, the police Read more

10:10 AM

Be aware: A lot of local PDs have issued emergency ordinances against portrait-mode videos. I don’t normally support these kinds of quasi-martial law actions, but in this case I think it’s justified.

7:00 PM

I still use LiveJournal. Fandom activity still goes on there, and I have a couple of die-hard friends on my non-fandom journal who staunchly refuse to decamp to Dreamwidth. My passwords certainly arent still the same as they were in 2014, though, and are different than those for the accounts of the same names on DW.

3:24 PM

I appreciate the response. And, yes, I appreciate that resources and staffing levels are not what they once were.

11:50 PM

This is such a human response. Sometimes people forget that jobs have a “balancing” aspect, and that outside forces or necessities can demand a change in course, leaning away from niche interests to a broader scope. As someone who never comments on anything, I wanted to tip my hat to your response Mr. Murphy - well Read more

9:03 AM

Haha, you got me there :) Of course that isn’t the case, but I just saw something I thought looked overly complicated for a simple (non-repeating) task. I acknowledge, that I oversimplified the situation :)

4:13 PM

About a decade ago one of my coworkers somehow found my old abandoned livejournal account and began entertaining my office mates by reading some of the more embarrassing entries. I mostly used it in college and posted all kinds of stuff I was embarrassed about 10 years ago, and would be even more mortified by now. I Read more