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12:29 PM

I haven’t said anything about rioting and criminals. There are plenty of people attending protests of all kinds who might not want their whereabouts published, their data pilfered, or their devices rooted through—especially if they’re swept up and arrested for peacefully protesting.

That said, I’m 97% positive you’re Read more

12:26 PM

Absolutely! I think I’ll write a separate post about this, just to make sure the knowledge gets out.

4:59 PM

I would love to hire someone who has infinite time to point out peoples’ typos in Kinja comments. Please send me your resume immediately.

9:48 PM

Believe me, I remember those days too. And I love the stuff we used to cover, no question there. But that’s when Lifehacker had a fully-staffed team of tech writers and editors, coming from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, that could effectively crank out all kinds of material. Right now, Lifehacker’s tech Read more

9:33 PM

Dude. It’s been a little Apple-heavy this month, sure, but we had new iOS/macOS updates, a works-for-everyone jailbreak, and a big bug that forced everyone to update a ton of their apps. I’m happy with our mix, which you can check out yourself: Read more

6:38 PM

My mind is boggling that you think every Windows app or utility lives in Microsoft’s “Appstore”

6:01 PM

I’ll bite. I’m happy to write stories like, “How to set up a Linux server on your old laptop.” The problem is that the super-enthusiast community I’m speaking to either a) already knows how to do this, b) isn’t looking for that information right now, or c) doesn’t read it

On the tech side of things, I try to balance Read more

4:30 PM

Unfortunately, there’s no way to block the updates outright — unless you just never update the app again, which would be silly. I think it’s more important to know that your iPhone is doing this, why it’s doing it, and what temporary steps you can take if you’re concerned about bandwidth.

2:25 PM

Hmm. I installed it on my MacBook -- most recently updated Catalina -- and it worked without any fuss.