Feb 15 2019

The “joy” (read: horror) of capitalism is that literally anything, no matter how noble, positive, or even anti-capitalist, will eventually be co-opted and sold.

Apr 23 2018

It’s helpful because many people don’t realize that white people get really indignant over the smallest of things, especially when it comes to black people and it’s important to point out that white people get really indignant over the smallest of things, especially when it comes to black people because if people Read more

Nov 30 2017

Yes, I fix with Sailor J! She’s such a delight. My favourite video of hers is still the altar visit, though.

Nov 7 2017

That’s me! I’ve been trying to get in the craft show circuit this season (I make jewelry). The first show I did, I toured around - leggings, doTerra, Scentsy, 21, Stella and Dot, Avon... out of 40-50 tables, I’d say at least a dozen or more were these MLM brands. Read more

Nov 7 2017

There’s a monthly, HUGE flea Market/ Craft fair each month here in Nashville. All the MLM folks get corralled into a building way in the back. Read more

Nov 6 2017

Around here they are starting to just call them vendor fairs. I did one last year where two out of twenty people weren’t MLM crap. Read more

Nov 6 2017

Good! I’ve seen them taking up space at flea markets too. And not just the crappy flea markets with fat dudes in undershirts selling tube socks. The good flea markets with antiques and artists.

Nov 6 2017

Reading your story reminded me of my cousins on both sides of my family — Cutco knives. I will admit I still have some of those knives, but when the only people are you are selling to are you parents, your aunts and uncles and your cousins, it’s definitely a pyramid scheme.

Nov 6 2017

My heart sinks when I get an invitation to Like another Suzie Sells Scentscy page on Facebook, because I know it’s several thousand dollars of their money down the drain.

Nov 6 2017

This cannot be a surprise to anyone. I have so many of these #bossbabes on my Facebook, hoking Beach Body shakes and essential oils. And it annoys the crap out of me. Read more

Oct 18 2017

Funny how all these ‘manifesting a new world’ cults always seem to subjugate and abuse women. It’s like men are all ‘how do I get all the sex I want? I know! I’ll start a religion! Make ‘em think they have to!’ Read more

Oct 16 2017

What isn’t he getting now that he would get as president? That’s what I don’t understand about all this “fear Pence” stuff. The call is coming from inside the house, people.

Aug 4 2017

he could have been raised right and turned into a monster, it happens all the time. Parents have no control over some psycho who grew and held his kids hostage. He made that choice

Aug 4 2017

I’m going to be generous and say that sometimes you raise your kids to the best of your ability and they still end up assholes.

Aug 1 2017

You should never let integrity get in the way of trying to bone or be boned by beautiful people.

Jul 17 2017

Wow I just came down to the comments to say that. I live on the RI, MA border and it’s reached critical mass here. I was just trying to explain how bad it’s gotten to a friend in New Zealand where they don’t even have or aggressive drug marketing apparently. Lost more than a dozen of kids from my graduating class Read more

Apr 2 2016

I feel like I was bitch-slapped by nostalgia just looking at those pics of frosted eye shadow. Makes me think of Britney and TRL and teen movies. Ah, good times.