May 24 2019

Listen I went to prom in 2003 and I am staring down the barrel of 32 so let’s NOT

May 17 2019

I don’t think she’s implying that— I think she just thinks it’s OK for young teens to just be young teens and not feel like they have to be wearing crop tops and push-up bras, and that to see someone their age having a little more of a relaxed, fun approach to fashion-- rather than an overtly sexy grown-up one-- is a Read more

Apr 3 2019

It’s absolutely discrimination. A crime was committed against her and she is being punished for it.

Oct 26 2018

Wow, I was... not ready for the emotional content of those songs.

May 11 2018

lmao? so once the police dogs “retire,” is that just a euphemism for euthanasia? I am pretty sure that isn’t what happens.

Nov 6 2017

What! You should have written a blistering op-ed on these snake oil salesmen!

Nov 6 2017

This happened to me when I was about 20 with Body Shop. Went to a party, didn’t know it was a “oh actually we’re selling stuff to you” party, and “won” a “door prize” to “host a party,” which apparently meant that somehow I was now a Body Shop representative and needed to spend all this money to have products at the Read more

Nov 6 2017

People who actually make crafts are fucking FURIOUS about people who show up to “craft fairs” to sell their cheap MLM garbage. A lot of artisan/local craft fairs are now outright banning “direct sales” type booths because it takes away too much from people who are actually spending time making stuff to sell.

Sep 6 2017

The best part is where America IS the “home country” for these kids. Depending on their situation they may not even speak the language of wherever they’re being sent to. Or have any family there. So they’re just dumping them in a foreign country and going “Figure it out. Not our problem anymore.”

Jul 17 2017

What the fuck man. I confess that a bunch of people I knew personally died before they hit 30 and THAT’S your response?

Jul 16 2017

A dozen kids from my grade have died in the last three years from opiates. It’s pretty surreal.

Jun 20 2017

“ Seems like they may be pulling an anorexic “13 Reasons Why” here.” Read more

Jun 20 2017

Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) wrote quite a chilling novel about this exact topic (except, of course, the main character is cursed by an old gypsy, because it’s a King novel).

Jun 20 2017

Out of curiosity, how do you think eating disorders should be portrayed?

Apr 27 2017

I was legitimately worried that this was going to be another OITNB thing where men complained about the lack of focus on men in a story by women about women in a women’s prison.

Feb 24 2017

I mean, even if I glue my labia together, I’m still going to bleed out of my vagina. Jesus.

Jan 13 2017

If men could get pregnant you could get an abortion and get your oil changed at the same time. There’d be drive-through abortion clinics. It’d be like going to Starbucks. It’d be a fucking sacrament in the Catholic Church.

Jan 6 2017

Don’t be rude.