Feb 19

I’d make it an 8 step process, because I’m not missing the chance to spit in that motherfucker’s drink.

Feb 15

The minefield between Mauritania and Morocco / Western Sahara is quite tense the first time you drive through it. Stay on the soft sand - if you think you see a road surface, that’s more likely to have landmines. Read more

Jan 27

You were so close. You had the winner in your lede picture. And your Moneyball opinions are on point (It’s my favorite movie. That soundtrack...)

Maybe I’m biased, as they are the only candy I’ve ever eaten with popcorn, but Raisinets are the top notch popcorn companion. So good.

Jan 16

Saying it’s name sounds like an old timey New York gangster saying “purple”.

Jan 15

I’m going to go a step farther: the show is memorable because of the actors. So much of that dialogue is bad, in the way Whedon dialogue is frequently bad: jokey, quippy, and writerly. Whedon writes dialogue, not based on how people talk, but based on how he wishes he was heard. Read more

Jan 12

Bender’s Big Game is basically proof of concept that Fantasy Futurama sucks quite a bit.

Jan 12

You're delusional to call anything about this dull show Ghibli levels. 

Jan 12

All of these shows being written with multi-season arcs and deep continuity because that’s what people binge, right?... and they just forget to make individual episodes consistently good.

I’m not even arguing that it’s not as good as Futurama, that’s dumb. I’m arguing it’s just mediocre at best, and that’s sad.

Jan 8

Im really sad, we’ll never get to see that truly amazing healthcare plan

Jan 1

I own a CueCat. I picked one up at my local Radioshack circa 2005 and used it to create an MP3 player that didnt rely on display....

There were two modes: append or replace. That was the only diplay on the oak case I created for it. You scanned a UPC on the shelf of CDs i had and it played it; front to back. In append Read more