Jan 21

I like HxH, but some arcs just drag. It took me 3 tries to finish the show because Chimera Ant was just killing me. I love the Nen system, though. Read more

Jan 21

I tried to watch that show. I watched the Hunter Exam arc, then faded out for the one about the island. I have to admit I did enjoy the Chimera Ant arc, but pretty much only because it had my beautiful, murderous, psychotic, doomed neko waifu Neferpitou in it. Oh how they tried to be good. Also, the battle between the Read more

Jan 21

I did the same though I watched the Dub. So when I caught up to where the dub was a year ago I switched to weekly. It was in the middle of the Chimera Ant arc and it was brutal waiting weekly. I’m even tempted to read the manga despite knowing how mentally draining that will be.

Nov 12

There’s a terrible song called Freaky Friday in which some hack wishes he was notorious terrible person Chris Brown.

Jul 25 2019

As a Jojo fanboy, it’s my duty to post the only Killer Queen that matters:

Apr 3 2019

How heroic will that Batman be, beating up on a Joker who is well into his 60s, when he starts fighting crime.

May 30 2018

The Snap really is the climax of the film — it was set up early on by Gamora and then paid off at the end. If they had had the snap in Avengers 4, it would have been like...blowing up the Death Star in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back. Read more

May 16 2018

This art is dreadful. It’s basically “Tom Goes to the Mayor” in print format.

Oct 31 2017

How did this completely mediocre movie become so “beloved” again?