Final Fantasy VI Playthrough Log: To Jidoor And Back Again

Picking right up where I left off yesterday, I followed Gau to his “shiny” and picked up the diving helmet. I’m not quite sure how all three characters shared one dive helmet to cross the ocean, but whatever. I’m still kind of irritated at myself for not taking a right in the underwater tunnels. Probably missed… » 7/04/15 3:22am Yesterday 3:22am

TAY: Open Forum - Stop Breaking Kinja Edition!

Welcome to the Open Forum, hosted by Kotaku’s reader-run blog, TAY. Feel free discuss today’s topic or talk about anything. When you’re done, feel free to peruse the articles on TAY, AniTAY, and TAYClassic or stop by our IRC Chatroom. New to TAY? Check out our TAYtorial or contact an admin or author in the DirecTAYry! » 7/03/15 10:00am Friday 10:00am

How A Deal With The Devil May Not Be Such A Terrible Idea for Cuphead

One of the most exciting announcements during Microsoft’s E3 press conference was not how Halo 5 would reshape the FPS genre, nor how Forza 6 would bring 500+ cars to drool over. And it definitely was not the new $150 Xbox Elite Controller. No other title took my breath away more than the indie game Cuphead. » 7/02/15 1:00pm Thursday 1:00pm

Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage Final Chapter Impressions

Welcome back and as always thanks for reading. This is the place where I comment weekly on the latest chapter of Masashi Kishimoto’s sequel manga Naruto Gaiden. As always for those who missed my past write ups you can find Chapter 9 here and Chapter 8 here. Also as you probably saw above this is the final chapter of… » 7/02/15 11:15am Thursday 11:15am