TAY Time Chat: Last Minute Edition

Buenas tardes TAY y bienvenido a TAY Time Chat! I may or may not be writing this post the day of instead of the day before like I planned. I may or may not have been finishing up Hemlock Grove Season 3 and starting on Jessica Jones yesterday while building the Gundam kit I bought a month ago instead of doing homework… »Yesterday 4:55pm11/23/15 4:55pm

A Filler-Reduced Viewing Guide to Sailor Moon, Season 3

Welcome to the filler-free viewing guide for Sailor Moon S, the third season of the original Sailor Moon anime! The objective of these guides is to help newcomers more easily get into the series by cutting back on the excessive number of filler episodes in the original 90’s Sailor Moon anime. I point out the required… »Yesterday 1:30pm11/23/15 1:30pm

Ultimate Civil War Spider-Ham (Featuring Wolverham)

For my first post I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite comic book one shots. I started reading comics in 2006, jumping right on that “Civil War” band wagon. This was my first comic book event and I ate it all up. I didn’t really understand why everyone was fighting, and the dark, political undertones were… »Yesterday 1:11pm11/23/15 1:11pm

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival: The TAY Review

It’s been nearly 15 years since Nintendo birthed Animal Crossing into the world. It, along with other a few other risky new IPs such as Pikmin, has become a mainstay in the Nintendo line-up of franchises. We’ve seen regular main series titles for every Nintendo console since it’s release, the last being 2012’s New… »Yesterday 11:00am11/23/15 11:00am