TAY Time Chat - First Figure and Forum Freedom

After months and months of delays, I was greeted by a really nice surprise last week when I heard that my order had finally gone through with AmiAmi. I’d never ordered anything from Japan before—much less something like this, so I wasn’t entirely certain what I was going to be expecting in terms of the delays and wait… »9/04/15 5:00pmYesterday 5:00pm

Steam Achievements Are A Stupid Waste Of Time... Yet I Pursue Them Anyways

I sit down at my computer and boot up Civilization: Beyond Earth, I throw the game on Apollo Difficulty, add two human players, and get to work. I am building every Wonder, researching all available technologies, and buying as many tiles as possible. I am farming achievements, solely because I can, and it is a… »9/04/15 1:41pmYesterday 1:41pm

TAY Time Chat: Gaming Is Good, Edition

So yesterday I took the day off to get a personalized tour of the Riley Children’s Hospital. I had been invited by a representative of the Children’s Miracle Network and Riley’s Special Projects Coordinator. Evidently raising money for charity via video games has its perks! Leading up to the tour I was super nervous,… »9/03/15 5:00pmThursday 5:00pm

Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence: The TAY Review

Who here remembers Kessen? Just me? Okay great. The Kessen series of real-time tactics games were some of my favorite PS2 entries, and it was devastating when developer Koei dropped the series in favor of a seemingly endless stream of Dynasty Warriors games. With Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence Koei at last… »9/03/15 11:53amThursday 11:53am