This Map Of American Literature Road Trips Is Perfect For Summer

If you haven’t picked your summer vacation yet, might I suggest one of these thoroughly-catalogued road trips from some of America’s greatest road-tripping stories? Steven Melendez and Richard Kreitner have teamed up for Atlas Obscura to plot the course of the cross-country trips detailed in some of America’s finest… » 7/26/15 10:40am Sunday 10:40am

A World Map Based on Scientific Research Papers Produced

If the world were mapped according to how many scientific research papers each country produced, it would take on a rather bizarre, uneven appearance. This image makes a dramatic point about the complexities of global inequalities in knowledge production and exchange. So what is driving this inequality and how can it… » 7/13/15 6:30am 7/13/15 6:30am

Google Maps Can Now Send Directions From Your Desktop to Android

Android: A while back, Google added the ability to type “send directions” into Google to automatically forward directions to your phone. Then it added the much more useful ability to send directions from Google Maps to your iPhone. Now, the latter feature finally works for Android phones as well. » 7/11/15 1:00pm 7/11/15 1:00pm

NASA Has One-Upped Google Earth for Mars

You’ve been able to explore interesting corners of Mars for years using Google Earth. However, NASA just one-upped the search giant with a data-rich interactive map that lets you peek into every nook and cranny, from the miles-high volcanoes to the sperm-shaped valleys. You can even reproduce them with a 3D printer! » 7/10/15 12:47pm 7/10/15 12:47pm

Find Out How Loud Your Neighborhood Is With These Sound Maps

People choose where to live based on all sorts of data: Price, public transit, proximity to pizza chains. But noise is tougher to measure. And since sound is pretty much invisible, you might not know about the nightly clanking from the local concrete recycling plant until you’re all moved in. A new mapping app can… » 7/08/15 10:30am 7/08/15 10:30am