Use Android's Dialler App to Search for Nearby Places

If you’ve just upgraded to Android Lollipop you might be slightly overwhelmed by all the new features and options at your disposal: The deeper you dig, the more surprises you discover. Here’s a tip for finding phone numbers and information for local businesses and venues, using the stock Dialler app rather than Google… »9/10/15 9:10am9/10/15 9:10am

Add a Widget Shortcut on Android to Get Home With Just One Tap

If you’re a Google Maps user on Android you can set up customized 1x1 widgets on the home screen that will give you directions straight home from wherever you happen to be. The setup process also gives us an excuse to check out the new Maps app interface Google has rolled out over the last couple of days, so let’s… »9/02/15 12:10pm9/02/15 12:10pm

The Time I Used Google's "Avoid Highways" To Avoid Highways.

Usually when I go somewhere, I usually don’t rely on turn-by-turn directions. I take a look at the map, jot down a few notes on a piece of paper, and that’s good enough. The few times I do use it, (smartphone or otherwise) it’s usually when I get lost, or need to navigate as we go if the destination is further away.
»8/24/15 12:00pm8/24/15 12:00pm

Map shows the gender breakdown of Ashley Madison users across the world

The hacked data on Ashley Madison revealed that 90% to 95% of Ashley Madison users were male. That’s a lot of husbands! To visualize Ashley Madison’s gender disparity across the world, Malfideleco drew a line in the sand of 85% male users and plotted out which cities and countries have more male users than that and… »8/20/15 4:36pm8/20/15 4:36pm

New web video series goes behind the scenes at Google

A lot of you probably know about Google’s 20% time policy - where workers can spend one fifth of their time on their own projects. Two Google employees, Nat and Lo, decided to spend their 20% time making a youtube show where they interview interesting people and find out about the stuff they’re working on. It’s… »8/13/15 1:25pm8/13/15 1:25pm