I Certainly Didn't Expect This Vintage Work Truck To Fly This Well

The video was just titled “Rally Truck Jump.” All of those things are relevant to my interests. I’ll click. I’ll watch. Even if it’s a garbage vertical video, I’m there, dude. I’ll watch all the sweet jumps. But I certainly didn’t expect to see a vintage work truck pretending to be Colin McRae’s Subaru here. Send it!

Stuffing A Dirt Bike Engine In A Power Wheels Mustang Is My Kind Of 72 MPH Deathtrap

People have been stuffing bigger batteries and more powerful drivetrains into little toy cars for decades, so it’s about time someone stuffed a tiny little gas engine into it. The mad geniuses at YouTube’s Grind Hard Plumbing Co. adapted a 240-cc engine from a Honda CRF230 dirt bike to fit in a Barbie Mustang using…


Barbie Jeep Racing Down Virginia International Raceway Looks Like Way Too Much Fun

Barbie Jeep Racing is perhaps the most pure, good form of four-wheel racing on the planet. Put adults on de-powered kids’ toys, and let gravity do the rest. It usually leads to epic off-road downhill wipe-outs, but at this year’s Hyperfest, Barbie Jeep racers had to stay on Virginia International Raceway’s pavement.