Oct 14

Tom is Shiv’s starter pokemon.

Sep 17 2019

There were individual scenes that were better than anything in the prior 2 seasons, IMO. Ex: The final scene for Stuhlbarg’s character where he cries to his wife (I found it profoundly sad, others thought it quite funny, which speaks to the diverse interpretations Hawley can elicit) and Coon & Thewlis’ final scene was

Sep 12 2019

Ya know what’s wild?  Hansard closed his Chicago show last Friday night with what seemed like an impromptu sing along of Devil Town. 

Jul 15 2019

This ep almost stopped me from continuing on w/ the season. I’m eternally grateful I kept on and will soon re-watch this ep to reexamine my bias against it. I think we’re all a bit disappointed by Stranger Things 3 and BLL season 2, so meow all the pressure is on my favorite (by far) show of 2018.    

Jun 19 2019

I’m not particularly a “scholar” of WW II, but I did minor in history with a concentration in the European theater of that war—and I lived in Germany for five years (had the opportunity to visit Auschwitz, as well).

Based on that education and those experiences, I can only say the following:

Americans tend to conflate Read more

May 1 2019

Please review it this season! I was stunned it got ignored (besides the pre-air review).

Oct 22 2018

Likely both of them did their best Brett Kavanaugh impersonations during their pre-game activities.

Aug 19 2018

This episode successfully rebutted the complaint that the murder mystery wasn’t moving fast enough,or was on the backburner while a dull drama was playing out. Read more

Aug 19 2018

That was brilliant. We were clued into the twist early with regards to Adora but the slow reveals as seen through the eyes of Camille, most especially with the aunt (Perkins) was masterclass. Motive to come but ending the episode with a 110 year old song, a song (Down in the Willow Garden) I heard my grandmother Read more

Jul 23 2018

Not as such, but Amma’s line about how friends would do “anything” for her was heavy with menace and portent.

Jul 23 2018

If you pass the audio track for this episode through a low-frequency filter, stand on your head, and play it in reverse, all will be revealed.

Jul 23 2018

The fascinating thing is that central to Camille’s inner turmoil — along with whatever the hell those boys did to her in that shack — is taking these two girls under her wing and having them die on her, and now a third one is circling her orbit as a serial killer preys upon the town.

Marian she loved deeply, but didn’t Read more

Jul 22 2018

“Fuck U”? That wasn't really hidden though. I didn't notice anything. 

Feb 9 2018

I swam competitively from age 5 to 19, at the “elite” level from 10 to 19. This is just the start, I fear. There were a lot of rumors in the locker rooms that had too many details to be works of fiction. As a young boy there were coaches that I felt very uneasy around, but I’m sure there were many more coaches that Read more

Apr 1 2014

More details tibiannouced tomorrow.