Shayna Watson
Shayna Watson is a writer who can be heard saying “Natural hair is a lifestyle” at least once a day. A Pittsburgh native, she now lives in a shoebox apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y. filled with shoes.
2:13 PM

Today’s VSB/Pittsburghese Ass Word I Ain’t Gonna Front And Pretend That I Knew is “jitneys” Read more

11:04 AM

Love this article. I was raised just like you to be “polite” - ie give yourself up so you don’t upset men. “Editing yourself” is a kind of ingrained fear that eats the souls women and girls. I fight that feeling in myself everyday. I have 3 daughters who I’ve done my best to raise to speak their minds, take no Read more

2:12 PM

My favorite defense of Trump is when people say “What if he said (fill in the blank) instead of (fill in the blank)?” Like bitch, what if I picked the right lottery numbers instead of the wrong ones. You know these clowns are desperate when their only defense is to imagine that something entirely different happened.

3:25 PM

As soon as Constant Coverings restocks with patterns I can fux with, I will be buying so many of those.