Shayna Watson
Shayna Watson is a writer who can be heard saying “Natural hair is a lifestyle” at least once a day. A Pittsburgh native, she now lives in a shoebox apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y. filled with shoes.
Nov 6 2018

Today’s VSB/Pittsburghese Ass Word I Ain’t Gonna Front And Pretend That I Knew is “jitneys” Read more

May 24 2018

Love this article. I was raised just like you to be “polite” - ie give yourself up so you don’t upset men. “Editing yourself” is a kind of ingrained fear that eats the souls women and girls. I fight that feeling in myself everyday. I have 3 daughters who I’ve done my best to raise to speak their minds, take no Read more

Jan 16 2018

My favorite defense of Trump is when people say “What if he said (fill in the blank) instead of (fill in the blank)?” Like bitch, what if I picked the right lottery numbers instead of the wrong ones. You know these clowns are desperate when their only defense is to imagine that something entirely different happened.

Dec 18 2017

As soon as Constant Coverings restocks with patterns I can fux with, I will be buying so many of those.