Feb 19

The humans of the game are more of a threat because they are forced to scavenge like animals as they have no weapon with which to fight back and take back the wider world from the fungus. A vaccine or cure would enable that and society to rebuild. Read more

Feb 19

Sacrificing yourself for something you believe in, to make a difference in the world is not the same as suicide and to state they are the same to me is very insulting.

The only reason the Firefly’s wanted to kill her was to try to find a cure to save the rest of humanity. How is that the same as dying in the middle of Read more

Feb 13

Uh...what? The original was not “cartoony”. It was anime. Also, the characters in the Remake are faithfully based off of their original designs. Your comment is hyperbolic in every way, at the very least

Feb 6

We haven’t seen how much freedom Microsoft gives their studios, they haven’t had much to speak of until they bought some recently and MS’s output the past two years has been very sparse. They closed down project spark, they turnt out Minecraft, they rushed Crackdown and it was more tech demo with Terry Crews just Read more

Feb 6

I really hope they release that figma prototype they showed off a while back. Not a big fan of the chibi style but all them accessories and being one my favorite games of all time... Might have to do it to em.

Jan 20

It’s the same way that the developpers of Doom or Wolfenstein 3D can’t sue any other FPS games out there. They don’t have any rights on the gameplay but they could do something if Temtem starts using assets that are too close to Pokemon.

Jan 9

Im right there with her. I despise the look of high waist. Even someone who is stick thin will still look like they are 20lbs heavier with a massive gut when wearing them. They are just not flattering on most bodies. Read more

Jan 2

They do feel bad about it, remember in the original Jesse said she didn’t think the bomb would be as big as it was. This extra scene just reveals the truth behind why Jesse thought that in the first place. 

Dec 17

I wanted my character to sport a beautiful A-cup in Xenoblade Chronicles X goddammit!!

Dec 16

Yoko Taro disapproves. He wanted the perfect butt to be enjoyed by everyone.

Dec 10

Yeah it’s fast. I imagine it’s faster with the plot done, script done, and engine ready to roll already but still it’s pretty impressive. Looks beautiful too. 

Dec 10

I think they probably had both in development at the same time. RE3 used a lot of locations from RE2 in the first half of the game and it looks like it’s still based in the RE engine. Read more

Sep 13 2019

I’ve dealt with narcissistic psychopaths before, and Trump set off my alarm right away. From day one, I knew it was just going to be a daily circus, because that’s what these people do. It will not end until he dies, because even as an ex-president, he would likely never stop blabbering. Read more

Aug 9 2019

Can The Root please start a section called: The Dumbest Shit You’ll Hear From White People This Week? I mean this may make into the dumbass hall of fame. I mean did these unseasoned, latte drinking, yoga pants wearing, Kid Rock listening MAGA chuds partake in this thinking this was supposed to be a pleasant Read more