Susie Ochs
Susie is a freelance writer and the former executive editor of Macworld.
1:52 PM

I just wish was the comprehensive duck appreciation site we all deserve.

1:49 PM

That happens to me too. Reminds me of Same Dark Places” by Jr Jr

1:47 PM

I probably have a zillion open accounts on sites I don’t use anymore, but then when I hear about them being breached, I do worry. Does my account have a payment method, is it tied to other accounts, did I use that password anywhere else (1Password makes this easy to check, but it’s still a thing I have to do), etc. Read more

1:44 PM

I do the reminder thing, but looking up the cancel procedure in advance is GENIUS. Definitely gonna start doing that. Thanks! 

2:19 PM

At this time, the Home app doesn’t have a preference or option to make your Mac the HomeKit hub. So far you still need an Apple TV, iPad, or HomePod to be the hub if you want to access your HomeKit devices outside your home network. 

9:21 PM

You speak Spanish to the speaker, and it replies in Spanish. So I did mean to say “with.” If you’re speaking English and it’s translating to Spanish, you’re not speaking Spanish to the Google Home, it’s speaking Spanish to you. Read more

8:12 AM

It is too bad! I was trying my Spanish phrases on it before I realized I had to switch the language full-time, and of course it didn’t work. Then after I wrote this I forgot I had it set to Spanish, and when I spoke to it in English it didn’t understand me. Bilingual households should be able to pick more than one. Read more