1:47 PM

NewYorker-esque cartoon: [two tentacled aliens regarding Rover McRoverface] “We’re safe. It’s only seeking signs of ‘past microbial life’”

3:40 PM

I honestly never thought I’d be that guy, but here we are... the very picture attached to this story  shows both the late Congressman Cummings (in the background on the left) and Congressman John Lewis. At first glance they do look remarkably similar. Read more

10:13 AM

Bernie Bros* terrify me. I’m afraid that they will react in the exact same way this time if their messiah fails again to nab the nomination. That they will stay home, vote third party, or vote Trump. Because, really, how have they been harmed by the shitshow of the Trump administration? They’ll scream online again Read more

9:58 PM

You don’t need to do anything. Watching and reading extra materials gives extra context, but you don’t need that extra context to enjoy what The Mandalorian or Star Wars for that matter.

4:04 PM

I am very correct, but I appreciate how it has brought everyone together.

6:49 PM

The bigger question about the Resistance allies is why did they actually expect anyone to respond in the FIRST damn place? Read more

7:28 AM

Then you may have missed the point of Luke’s scenes with the Resistance, they’re talk about broadcasts, and his heading out - alone - with a Laser Sword - to face a bunch of Gorilla AT-ATs. Then the scenes after are about kids across the galaxy talking up the story they heard from those broadcasts, hyping themselves Read more

7:01 AM

It’s what I saw. They kept going back (again and again) to the role of Luke being Mythic, and his resistance to accept that role. In the end, he does, in grand dramatic fashion specifically to be the “Spark” to light a resistance. That’s exactly what I saw in TLJ.

2:50 PM

Look, the headline is purely snark and grocery shopping frustration, but you raise a good point. According to the CDC, food-borne illness has increased. But I also think awareness and connectivity (social media, etc.) are a factor in connecting the dots to identify an outbreak. 

8:42 AM

Are you the one who leaves the big-ass scuff marks on all the drive-thru walls? 

8:39 AM

Having a large car isn’t a free pass to run shit over. Don’t get something bigger than you can handle and keep control of your vehicle. It’s that simple.
Did he cause any real damage? Not really. But he still should have better control and be more careful. He was doing  PR stunt taking it out, and he fucked it up.

6:10 PM

Eh I think both can be true. Andrew’s extravagance has always been an issue. The appeal of having men like Epstein as friends wasn’t just the girls it granted him access to, but that he couldn’t live the lifestyle he wanted with on his own income/allowance/whatever and relied on billionaire friends to subsidize it. If Read more

4:34 AM

While Opal’s great my favourite is Melony (Shield elusive gym leader so any Sword players will have missed her). The Pokemon games have always been pretty good for representation, but as with most games notable female characters are either children, old women or (mostly) 20 year olds with supermodel figures. Read more

4:31 PM

It was all EU stuff. He never really did anything other than track Han and Leia to Bespin in the movies. It wasn’t until the Dark Horse comic series Dark Empire that he actually said more than 5 words. Due to his magic armor he was “un-digestable” to the Sarlac and he escaped being eaten. Read more

2:10 PM

I seem to recall Filoni firmly establishing in Rebels (To say nothing of EU content) that Mandalorians are notoriously skeptical of outsiders. Bluntly speaking he probably doesn’t see the New Republic as all that different than the Empire.