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Oct 13 2017

Ugh, I’m based in CA so it seemed to work for me. After seeing these comments, I went back to ask Gabi and they’ve now just told me they’re still in the process of rolling out to other states. For now I’ve updated the article!

Mar 30 2017

It’s possible I might still be in the honeymoon period. I’ll let you know in 6 months. But I should also point out that I don’t do this type of journaling every day.

Mar 23 2017

The persistence of getting back on the rock to solve a problem is a discipline I lack. If I can’t get one after one or two tries, I “hop” to another one. It’s not something that makes me feel good about doing honestly, so I’m trying to not do that :)

Mar 23 2017

I go to both! On Tuesdays I’m at LAB and Thursdays at Cliffs (usually).

Mar 7 2017

Thanks for breaking it down in text for all the people who can’t watch the video. Starred.

Mar 7 2017

I don’t think of it that way. I’m highlighting someone else’s video and hard work so that more people can see their video and hard work.

Feb 16 2017

I have a few stuffed animals set up on my desk. They’re great listeners and good company. plz don’t ever leave me alone Kristin

Feb 14 2017

I’d assume there may be a slightly higher chance of the airline losing your luggage at that point, especially if you’re cutting it close with the general rule about checking bags at least 45 minutes before your flight.

Feb 3 2017

Much love, Chief. Thank you for all you’ve done and all the great work you will continue to do, wherever that may be.

Jan 31 2017

It’s all about perspective. If you’ve been trying for a long time to lose weight but the scale isn’t moving, for example, BUT your belt needs to be tightened? Holy cow that must be a great feeling