May 19 2017

tell me when was the last time chinese and russian had a their aircraft carrier posted atlantic coast near DC and had routine presence.

May 19 2017

I bet if some Chinese plane flew within that distance of Cali we would be doing a lot more than just flying upside down over them.

May 19 2017

How would US like it if Chinese military was just outside DC roaming around?

Dec 19 2016

It says three seconds into the video that it’s a 0-60 mph test. In graphics. Right there for you. Why did you just try to write an article acting as if you’re deducing what is actually shown. There’s nothing sneaky about it, and this article kind of pisses me off. Both because it’s click baity as all hell and because Read more

Dec 17 2016

They are also militarizing the South China Sea. What message do you supposed they are sending with that? Read more

Mar 19 2016

For those who haven’t raced/driven Formula cars, you simply can’t turn your head, it’s essentially locked forward. Haryanto had no chance of seeing Grosjean, on the other hand Grosjean would have saw Haryanto come out.

I think Haryanto was the one being super careful this weekend by coming out slow, Grosjean came out Read more

Jan 8 2016

Funny how so many people commenting ask why the US or their “allies” don’t do anything in response to this “military” expansion by China. I find it hilarious people are assuming things so far ahead of time, war mongering essentially. The fact is, Vietnam, Phillipeans, Taiwan, Malay etc have had islands with runways Read more

Sep 11 2015

I really think instead of just throwing out the auto-knockoff comment when a Chinese car manufacture has a new car, to actually observe. Because like most have said, the car barely resembles a Q5. I see resemblance to a generic mid-size SUV body shape like every other manufacture makes. Is everyone knocking off Read more

Sep 3 2015

Sounds like fun. That’s a good looking Twingo. I love those cars. They’re interesting and capable economy cars. My first run on the Autobahn was in an Opel Corsa. Now that was a shitty car. I still had a great time, though, with the gas pedal pinned to the floor on the non limited stretches.

Feb 26 2015

I once had a LT who told me in a class when I was a mid that the Navy's job was to kill people and break their stuff, and if you had a problem with killing people and breaking shit, you should get another career. Read more