11:45 PM

In my eyes it’s near bang on perfect in terms of weight. It certainly isn’t what I’d call heavy - it’s very smooth and predictable with great feedback.

10:57 PM

I call it matte simply because it’s not glossy but it’s definitely not as matte as the blacks and greys you see out there. It honestly isn’t bad in the winter, granted we’ve had some pretty mild ones lately. You just drive it in comfort with TC on all the time so you don’t have fun in it but it gets you around well Read more

10:48 PM

Thanks and I agree, it isn’t nearly as bad as what people are generally led to believe. In manual mode it will hang on gears as long as you want, and it will shift when you want it to.

10:07 AM

Love it, not a single mention this is a Chinese backed car but of course it’s California based. But of course when cars seem to be doomed or failing like the FF, it’s Chinese backed every sentence.

But thanks for the article, better than nothing.

5:49 PM

Why does the title need to have “EVEN” at the beginning? What are your implying that even some “redneck nascar driver” opposes a Trump policy? give me a break. You are not helping the situation by sensationalizing news.

3:54 PM

The car culture was at it’s peak in the late 90's early 2000s that had a severe decline after sequential horrific high profile street race crashes.

There is still car culture but it’s not big. Plus there is a difference between car culture and a city that has nice cars. I think David is confused with that. HK will Read more

10:43 AM

Clearly people on Jalopnik are not very business savvy. FF not paying contractors maybe true, but that’s just one side of the story. You think you’re municipality pays it’s contractors on time every time road work is done? Most likely not. Is your government, state, city debt free? No. Does that mean they are broke Read more

12:20 PM

ok yes i take the word right back from my first post. And seriously, a race car driver IS an entertainer and celebrity to the person who said I’m comparing him to those fields. Read more

9:07 PM

True they don’t need to inform on their every move nor did I say they need to. My point is when they get into this business they already know what’s coming for them. Having said that, I do not agree with papparazzi invading the hospitals and even dressing up as nurses IIRC. Read in context please.
Further, Shumi is Read more

6:30 PM

The tabloids, social media, fans, papparazi, is part of the job. It’s not in the job description no, but it doesn’t need to be. They know it’s baggage that comes with the job. Secondly, actors, top racers are not paid soley to drive, they are endorsed by a magnitude of other companies to act as ambassadors. In many Read more

7:59 PM

yawn* you must be getting paid to post everything and anything whether fake or real about FF. Cause you post anything and everything about FF like it’s your primary job.

10:13 PM

Instead of posting non-stop repetitive posts about “I’m not even sure FF financial future blah blah” as if you’re sure about GM’s financial future or Land Rovers?

They are revealing at CES, just bloody wait until then and make a decent report about it? Maybe, just a thought... It’s not that long of a wait. Instead, why Read more

9:45 AM

Have you been cut off by a car while riding? Then been given the finger by the same driver of the car? You really think that “thanks a lot BRO” is good enough to excuse the stupid actions? Give me a break. The biker is a douche to wreck the phone and wallet yes, he should have given him an absolute ear load first.

11:21 PM

You know what helps end civil wars? Having imperial USA not meddling in the affairs of every single region in the world and starting the civil wars to begin with.

9:09 AM

I cringe that the way every sport has to have this badassery tone to it now. Everything you do has to make you look badass, even if you’re wearing tights and riding a fixie pedal bike, you need to have this cool montage with darkish music in the back ground with super slo-mo shots. And then the riders, like this Read more

9:17 PM

As subjective as styling is. You need to be drunk to think this is remotely good looking. In fact, seems like the design language of these jap cars debuting in Paris look like they came out of a manga comic. Look at the Toyota CHR, ugly has a new definition.

10:39 AM

Why watch F1, where for the past god know how many years is always dominated by one, and if not one then two teams. Just read the results and use you’re sunday better.

MotoGP this year has had 8 different race winners from 4 different manufactures. Oh but right, who am I speaking to here, the person who tells us to do Read more

10:49 PM

Cool process cause of the fire and pyro going on, but it’s methods like these that takes western countries eons for things to get done. Seems ridiculously inefficient to me, especially the cleaning up part with the hammer and grinder. Takes forever for one weld. Read more

8:48 PM

Alanis King lives under a conservative rock. So no she probably has no idea what motogp is. Instead she puts this crap up about Rosberg and also some crap about Obama leaving Air Force One which is just some political games news and American propoganda yet wait, this is Jalopnik right?

7:24 PM

Thankfully for the passengers the car that stopped the truck was a Volvo. I’m sure they are doing fine and from the looks of it that XC60 held up pretty damn good after getting smoked by a dumpster.