Matt Brown
Matt Brown is an automotive engineer, writer, and builder of unconventional things. Mostly vehicles.
10:45 AM

Six years after being acquitted of violations of SEC regulations in a trial that helped to ensure the demise of the Tucker Corporation, Preston Tucker returned with a new car. The Tucker Carioca was to be a fun to drive mass-market car sold in kit form. Unfortunately, the car never made it off the drawing board, and

9:51 PM

The 1983 Ceres was a sleek fiberglass three-wheeler with an advertised drag coefficient of 0.18. Powered by a 3-cylinder 993cc engine, it could reach over 90 mph. Marketed as “In touch with tomorrow,” it perhaps wasn’t since it didn’t see very much tomorrow.

9:45 AM

In 1994, Dodge tantalized car enthusiasts with a modern muscle car. The Venom was a V6 powered rear-wheel-drive two-seater built on the Neon platform, somehow. It had 245 horsepower and, we were told, would cost $13,000 fully loaded. It never made it to production, obviously, and joins a long list of great show cars