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Jul 2

This does not bode well for my dream of a 700 horsepower all wheel drive minivan. 

Mar 31

There should really be a word for this phenomenon. It has always been a thing, but has really blown up with the coronavirus pandemic.

Mar 14

That is an awesome story. I’m glad you got the chance to thank him!

Mar 14

Thanks man! This one was fun to write. It’s always great when you find out some mundane thing has an interesting history and then you get to share it with people.

Mar 12

Ooh man, my S600 has parts from a BMW, two Miatas, a Jeep, four different motorcycles, a dune buggy, and a boat. 

Mar 8

After a few years, the only thing I still have trouble with is pulling out of parallel parking spaces. Though that has a lot to do with my tiny side mirrors. I try to just avoid them altogether.

Mar 7

That does look like an Isuzu. Chevy badge and windshield sticker, and the two companies have a history, but I don’t know if Chevy ever rebadged an Isuzu for a South American market (the opposite has happened)? Updated title, thanks for the note.

Mar 7

It’s called a blip; a picture with a couple sentences and no title. We do one every single morning and have for years. Welcome to Jalopnik.

Feb 22

The battery is on one side and the other side has access to the air filter and I think the washer fluid reservoir. Read more

Feb 16

My point is further illustrated by the fact that you can stick one of these engines in a car and make a high performance machine. I’m vividly aware of this and I’m looking forward to finding a wrecked 2020 CBR1000RR-R to upgrade my bike engine car to over 200 horsepower:

Jan 25

Shit, that was in my notes but didn’t make it to the post for some reason. Need more coffee! Yes, frontal area is half so aerodynamic drag would be half and range would be much higher.

Jan 18

I’m yelling at screens showing pictures of clouds. Totally different.