Matt Brown
Matt Brown is an automotive engineer, writer, and builder of unconventional things. Mostly vehicles.
9:45 AM

Frisky Cars Limited made tiny cars for a tiny minute in the late 1950s. With plenty of room for two humans who like each other very much, the car would go 60 mph while getting 60 mpg. There are around 75 Frisky cars that survive today, but most are the later Frisky Family Three. The Sport and Coupe shown above were

10:45 AM

Six years after being acquitted of violations of SEC regulations in a trial that helped to ensure the demise of the Tucker Corporation, Preston Tucker returned with a new car. The Tucker Carioca was to be a fun to drive mass-market car sold in kit form. Unfortunately, the car never made it off the drawing board, and

9:51 PM

The 1983 Ceres was a sleek fiberglass three-wheeler with an advertised drag coefficient of 0.18. Powered by a 3-cylinder 993cc engine, it could reach over 90 mph. Marketed as “In touch with tomorrow,” it perhaps wasn’t since it didn’t see very much tomorrow.