Reacquaint yourself with Sabrina The Teenage Witch before her Chilling Adventures begin

Since making her debut in Archie’s Madhouse in 1962, Sabrina the Teenage Witch has gotten her own comics title, a TV movie, and multiple live-action and animated series. Every iteration has seen her juggle mortal obligations—pop quizzes! pep squad!—with the slightly more demanding realities of being half witch. But in

The Mick tries to be a crass clashing of the classes, but falls short of its potential


The Mick’s first episode is as basic as any pilot can be: laying out the main story and central tensions and giving the main characters motives and flaws. Mickey (Kaitlin Olson), or “The Mick” crashes her sister’s party. Her sister, despite her airs and snobbery, only got her giant mansion and matching fortune by…