Chris Suellentrop
2:10 PM

Things are basically in the right places, but it is not a block by block reconstruction

11:14 AM

What are you playing on? It took me 20 minutes or so to install on my Xbox, maybe a little more. I watched all those S.P.E.C.I.A.L. videos, and then they started looping.

10:22 AM

Three bounced off me a little at the start, in the same way that this game did. I’m glad I had to power through to write these impressions for Kotaku, because it’s been worth it. But if I wasn’t getting paid? I wonder. It will depend how rewarding the next 20 hours (or more) are.

10:19 AM

The ammo feels scarce-ish. At the moment, I just finished a big quest and I don’t have ammo for my favorite guns, and I had to scavenge good ammo from the enemies I killed on the way through it. I have recovered, on a couple of occasions, a modded weapon used by an enemy, but it’s an unusual reward.

8:51 AM

I have no personal experience with it. My podcast co-host, JJ Sutherland, has been playing PC and has no complaints so far.

8:28 AM

I haven’t noticed any significant issues. I’m not a framerate obsessive, though.

8:26 AM

I’ve spent a lot of time reading terminals and nosing around. One of the things that surprised me was how few great little small stories I have stumbled across. I did get killed by a Deathclaw and then, the next time I approached, learned that I could activate four robots from a terminal to head out and kill it for Read more

8:23 AM

We just posted a new podcast, too, and my co-host is a Fallout obsessive, and has also spent about 20 hours in the game, and he loves it. He also thought the game started slow and that it’s a mistake to go take down that factory/warehouse, which he also did. I just think the placement of that quest, early in the game, Read more

8:21 AM

There is a surgeon you can go visit to change your looks for a fee. I haven’t tried it. There’s also a barber who will give you a new haircut and color. It would interesting if you could change your gender. I’ll try to find out!

12:54 PM

Silence, my brother. (This is the last challenge of this sort I will accept. But I'm lurking.)

9:09 PM

If you know of one who has played through all of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate, as Whitaker has, I’m all ears. His credentials are not merely his expertise in British history but also his expertise in video games.

4:46 PM

You’re right; my mistake! I deleted the “nine.” So it’s nine years since the articles, seven years since the hype dissipated entirely. That’s what I’m excited to learn: Is the game fun now that the expectations have dropped, now that I can focus on the game itself and not the hype that surrounded it?

11:16 AM

Yes, of course. That’s why I wrote that article. I wouldn’t use it unless I needed it. But anyone who has experienced a corrupt save file would know the importance of granting that ability to players who want to use it. I trust the player! And people who want to play the wrong way from the start would have no effect Read more

7:06 PM

I should have said that I didn’t play Rogue. Lord Commander Totilo says it is excellent, so I’m curious to see how he thinks it compares. I liked Black Flag, though perhaps not as much as some. I liked this better.