Last Minute Red, White, and Blue Clothes to Wear on the Fourth of July (and the Rest of the Summer, Too)

Even if you’re too old to weave streamers through your bike for the neighborhood Fourth of July parade, there’s something seriously fun, even as an adult, about dressing up in red, white, and blue on Independence Day. There’s just so few holidays where we all agree on a color scheme and really commit, y’know?!

Grey Sweatshirts are Cool and Comfy, So Why Don’t You Own a Nice One Yet?

Fashion is fleeting, and by that I mean exhausting. Which is why it’s often easier to reach for clothes that are easy to wear season after season, knowing they’ll outlive whatever the trend du jour may be. At first brush, a grey crewneck sweatshirt fits in that “always a classic” bucket, but in the past few years, the…