Storming the Floor
Mar 1 2010

I took it to be a sign of SVP's rebellious nature. "Fuck 'I gotta'. Fuck it right in the ear."

Dec 4 2009

Mark's seatmate is seen here wondering why he never got the peanuts or in-flight meal he was promised when his ticket was purchased.

Jun 30 2009

I had a regional version of this moment when Derrick Thomas died. He was my favorite Chief growing up, he had some indiscretions and some positive contributions to society. But most of all he died young, so we never saw what his next career move was going to be. I still wonder if that helped get him into the HOF.

Mar 18 2009

I was really disappointed that Sela Ward didn't show up in the Cougars preview. If I was going to get Cougar'd, she'd be on my list.

Mar 17 2009

The very first one was NW State vs. Winthrop, and every other one has had a MEAC or SWAC entrant.

Feb 6 2009

As a freelance writer, I guess I'm one of those "contractors" they're talking about. The part I don't get about that is: I don't use any of ESPN's brick-and-mortar facilities or draw any benefits. How is that I'm the $ drain that needs to be cut? Read more