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2:45 PM

Why would, or should the DNC help anyone who is not a Democrat? Let Bernie's independent ass run as an independent. 

1:38 AM

It’s the stigma of a “failed” marriage and the fear of being alone. There’s so many cultural messages that tell women that their only worth is in being with a man, and that as women get older, have kids, etc., their “value” goes down and thus they will be less lovable and marriageable.

10:39 PM

Thank you for saying this, as this is the only perspective that makes me feel better about her story. (I still think the guy is a complete douche.) But I’d feel better if she was using her douche of a husband as an excuse to have a break because SHE wanted one. It still so sucks though.

2:59 PM

I don’t think it would last very long. No one wants my advice in real life because doing the right thing is fucking hard. Read more

12:20 PM

This crisis you’ve been suppressing isn’t meant to be resolved, it’s meant to be endured. Read more

3:41 PM

Speakeasies, warehouse parties, and unlicensed performance spaces existed well before COVID-19 and will likely continue to exist both during and after. Possibly thrive. Thing is, there’s not a whole helluva lot any city can do about that short of shut said spaces down as they become aware of them. Read more

1:42 PM

For restaurants to “take up a lot more space” to allow for social-distance dining, they’re going to be either cutting their capacity roughly in half, or doubling their floor space and thus their rent (for those located in premises where that’s even possible). They’re already paying staff peanuts for the most part, so Read more

10:29 AM

It drives me nuts that feminists are mad that a movie is being made about an anti feminist or think that there would be anything wrong with enjoying it. For two reasons - one, we make movies about really shitty men all the freaking time and no one seems to mind. Like spare me another fucking movie about Hitler or Read more

10:51 AM

I don’t know man. It’s not worth thinking about. I legit just held up my bag of actual shit and told her it wasn’t me and I was sorry she was having a bad day and I hoped her day would get better. Something’s eating at her and it has nothing to do with me, is the thought I’m telling myself.  God only knows if she Read more

6:15 PM

As some of us have warned, American “capitalism” is very fragile and has an overblown reputation. Read more

7:19 PM

Yea just make a PB based smoothie and call it a day....what a waste of every ingredient involved

4:15 PM

I envisioned something like nesquick, myself. Add milk to peanut butter in increments until you have...peanut butter milk. But of course instead of something that might actually make sense/be potable it’s a take on dalgona coffee, what was I thinking assuming it’d be a drink made to actually drink rather than a drink Read more