Jul 28

Hi. The troll who insulted you is using my name in an attempt at harassment. He is racist and misogynist. This can be easily verified by scanning his vile comments. I would appreciate you flagging and dismissing him. Read more

Apr 1

There’s 2 types of people when it comes to the Volt - people who own one and are near-evangelical (me) and everyone else that barely knows what they are.

Feb 7

Man, there’s this really cool livery in the same color palette in NASCAR. Maybe Haas could have talked to someone at this team to see how to make these colors exciting and cool. I suppose it’s too much to ask, though. They probably don’t know anyone in NASCAR to ask...

Jan 15

Heres the flipside. I have an F350 crew cab. I find it easier to maneur into a spot in reverse than by pulling in as most lots dont have the space required for me to make the swing. 2nd and most crucial, i look for spots in the rear of the lot that have grass behind the. Point being, the overhang on the rear is more Read more

Jan 9

Just to piss off the anti St. Louis style snow flakes.

Dec 6

Ghostbusters remains one of my top 5 favorite movies of all time, and I have no idea who this movie is supposed to be for. Who cares about the car? The ghost traps? For fuck’s sake, no one loves Ghostbusters because of its fucking ‘mythos’. Read more

Nov 22

Is the truck squatting down to allow the quad to climb into the bed easier, or did they just kind of forget to stick some leaf springs on this pig?