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Jul 2

Hi, since I’m seeing lots of talk about whether the headline/image are a spoiler, here’s my thinking on that: it’s only a spoiler if you look at Lev being trans as something that’s meant to be a surprise or some kind of dramatic reveal. Years upon years of trans storylines have taught us this (think: The Crying Game, Read more

Jun 24

Some people started bravely speaking out about abuse they’ve experienced in the past and it’s empowered many, many others to come finally forward about similar experiences.

Jun 1

I don’t post too often, but definitely had to come down here and say thank you for posting about this. Read more

Jun 1

Good on you for posting this knowing well there will be lots of people screeching about “I come to Kotaku for games journalism, not social justice”.  Everyone needs to pay attention, all ages, all races, all religions.  Only when people are paying attention will they actually comprehend what is going on around them.

May 23

That wasn’t the only Templar bug. In one city, Damascus I believe, there’s a Templar who will never register as a death sometimes no matter how many times you kill them. He just respawns endlessly.

May 18

Filler is a problem in a -lot- of games and part of it is that people are too used to hearing “Over 60-100 hours of gameplay!” and when a game comes in a tight, scaled down package and is mostly honest about how long it will really take you to clear the game, people go “They want $60 for that? No sale!”

May 15

I thought that this was a joint effort between Sony and Epic, thus the PS5 angle. There is no compelling reason for Epic to make a demo that is impossible to run without Sony’s highly custom SSD that won’t have any equal on PC for a while, and even then may have some unique tricks that PCs just won’t ever get due to Read more

May 12

I’m so glad to read this. One of the frustrating aspects of Odyssey was how basically had to spend so much skill points on the Assassin tree in order to get the damage up there, and even then most of the higher level enemies wouldn’t go down with one strike. Which otherwise would have been fine, except every larger Read more

May 8

So, while language and geography made it difficult to get a whole lot of information about the making of the Loveless posters, there was one more thing I could try: Getting a hold of My Bloody Valentine. Read more

May 8

Nice article. A few things from another fan of this lore: There’s a decently high res version of the poster (as it appears in Remake) here. Big thanks to reddit user kikura1.

May 8

It’s this kind of bullshit that’s had me reading Kotaku for so long. Thank you for taking a deep dive into this.

May 3

While it’s obviously less dramatic or “sexy” than disgruntled employee taking a stand over the shitty work conditions at ND (people almost being crushed by work going on in the building would send alarm bells going in the UK along with serious financial repercussions from lawsuits by trade unions and fines handed down Read more

Apr 25

Bro, as a paramedic in an urban area of NY who loves the Division games; I found my self just saying, “yes” aloud after just about every other paragraph. Absolutely fantastic article from both a provider and gamer perspective. Be safe doc.

Apr 25

Practicing hospitalist here on the west coast. This was a fantastic and gripping read. Thank you for writing this, thank you for your dedication and thoughtfulness you put into your work.  I’m proud to call you a colleague.